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Dubai Investments assets in manufacturing grows to AED 3.05 billion

Dubai Investments has achieved consistent growth in its manufacturing business with total assets in the sector increasing to AED3.05 billion, constituting 19 percent of the company’s total assets worth AED16.11 billion as on 31st December, 2016. 

Where You Can Get Statistics Help

At some point students may admit that math and other exact sciences can be quite useful. Of course, you are unlikely to need calculus formulas at any point in your life, unless you are going to become a scholar, but you’ll definitely need basic logic skills and knowledge of the laws of probability. But why will you ever need statistics? This discipline seems completely useless unless you are going to conduct election exit polls one day. Well, this is not quite true. Here is a list of reasons why learning this subject can be useful and how to get some statistics help while studying.

71% Of Females Believe Employers Should Be In The Driving Seat To Empower Women

According to a new survey carried out by Professional Women's Community, Hopscotch, 6 out of 10 women believe the UAE still has work to do to achieve gender equality.

Dubai Diamond Exchange paved the landmark of 1000 members

The Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), the GCC’s only diamond and coloured stones trading platform, and home to some of the world’s most renowned jewellery manufacturers, retailers and traders yesterday announced it had paved the symbolic target of 1000 members. The Arslanian Group is a leading player in the international rough diamond business since 3 generations. The DDE – a DMCC platform and Dubai Government initiative – is located in the iconic Almas Tower, the heart of the region’s diamond trade.

Roadshow promoting UAE tourism kicks off in China next week

For the second year in a row, the Ministry of Economy is organising a promotional roadshow under the slogan ‘Visit UAE’ in the People's Republic of China from March 27th-28th, 2017 in Shanghai and Beijing to showcase the UAE's world-class tourism destinations. The delegation will be headed by Mohammed Khamis Al Mheiri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Economy and Advisor to the Minister for Tourism Affairs. Accompanying him will be Abdullah Saleh Al Hammadi, Director of the Ministry of Tourism’s Tourism Department, and representatives of tourism agencies in the UAE, hotel, tourism, and travel companies.

Enchanting Dubai - Top 3 Family Activities

Dubai has a massive expat population and this comes as no surprise because the economic attractiveness of the city has skyrocketed in the past few decades. There are immigrants coming from all over the world such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the U.S., and several countries from Europe. Around 90 percent of UAE’s workforce are immigrants.

Dubai economy continues to show growing buoyancy despite challenges

The Emirate of Dubai continues to show growing levels of buoyancy in different business sectors, boasting growing demand and increasing returns thanks to its highly sophisticated industrial base and rising foreign investment quotas for its property and financial markets. The impressive economic success story, according to recent business reports, is attributed to a number of factors, primarily well-thought out planning that carefully takes into consideration recovery and deceleration circumstances, application of best practices and optimum utilisation of resources.

6 Grey Swans that could cast a shadow on 2017

The Arab Strategy Forum has predicted six political and economic ‘Grey Swan’ events that have a high likelihood of occurring in 2017, said Director of the Forum, Suha Al Aleeli. The forum’s latest report, Al Aleeli added, establishes a scientific account of six unexpected events that could take place this year. The author outlines consequences of these events and their potential regional and international impact, she noted. The report noted that these ‘Grey Swans’ include a cyber attack that cripples the global economy, where countries rapidly resort to methods to protect their e-systems and national security and a global trade war that is triggered as the world enters a global trade recession, where countries are likely to use protectionism to protect their own workers and industry.

DED launches ’e-Trader’ to license business activities across social networking accounts

The Business Registration & Licensing (BRL) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai, has launched ‘e-Trader,’ a first-of-its-kind initiative in the region, which will allow Emiratis and GCC citizens in Dubai to conduct business activities on social networking sites. The initiative is part of enhancing transparency and regulating the practice of offering products and services for sale on social media.

Dubai Properties Versatile 22,000+ Unit Residential Leasehold Portfolio responds to Dubai Market Dynamics

Dubai Properties, a leading Dubai-based real estate master developer and asset manager’s leasehold portfolio continues to address market demand through its wide ranging built-to-lease communities comprising more than 22,700 residential units. DP’s broad leasehold inventory ranges from family-friendly and affordable communities to staff accommodation and built-to-suit residences, all of which strategically fulfil the needs of the Emirate’s residential property market. DP serves the residential leasehold demand across the Emirate through new and innovative projects that are self-sufficient, holistic, and in-line with the design and infrastructure needs of an ever-evolving community.  A contemporary approach to real estate solutions, including community and facilities management capabilities, along with a culture of service, have cemented DP’s leading position in the leasehold segment.

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