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Dubai’s Granger Family Launch New Luxury Brands Company LKJ International, Sign Major Deal With Us Agent Representing Bruce Jenner Of The Kardashians


The Grangger family – a highly successful entrepreneurial female foursome from Scotland who live in Dubai – have today launchhed LKJ International, a high-end boutique company that will bring a range of new luxury  brands to this region from the US.

Labels will be able to use LKJ International to enhance their current offering or launch in the GCC using the company's expertise and unparallelled knowledge of the region. The unusual concept sees LKJ international also create a pipeline for new innovative brands to come to Dubai. Discussions are ongoing with several key brands ranging from luxury jewellery to high-end fashion names.

Catherine Granger is well-known in the UAE for building her own business empire. She has brought on board her equally ambitious daughters – Laura, Kayleigh and Jennifer (aka LKJ) – to create a hip new scene in the emirates fashion and deesign world. The LKJ girls are all models with international contracts, including recent ones signed in New York.

Amazingly, the Granger clan have now also caught the eye of CelebExperts, the US agency that represents Bruce Jenner of  ˜Keeping Up with the Kardashians fame. The agency is backing the launch of LKJ International and is keen to see the girls become media stars in their own right. Catherine and the agency are working together in a joint venture, both in terms of CelebExperts and the luxury brands soon to be announced.

As if that wasn't enough for the high profile family – Catherine Granger is also set to officially launch her much-

It has been something of a rollercoaster this year already with the launch of LKJ International and the upcoming shoe line, said Catherine Granger, CEO of Trajan Consulting and now also the head of LKJ International. But now to sign a deal with the team who represent Bruce Jenner is just another level – it's very exciting for all of us, and we thhink it will be exciting for Dubai too. The emirate is the perfect place to host such a company because it is a world class cosmopolitan city that last year attracted more than 63 million visitors.


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