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du And Diabetacare Work Together To Provide A Best In Class Remote Patient Monitoring Solution For du Employees Suffering From Diabetes

Providing a comprehensive diabetes program to bridge the gap in current diabetes management with an efficient, effective and affordable approach


Diabetes is one of the most pertinent healthcare topics in the UAE. With 19.3% of the population in the UAE suffering from diabetes, Dubai Government has included diabetes as part of the eHealth agenda setting a target to bring down the incidence by 14% by 2021.

To address this issue amongst its own employees and on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, du is collaborating with its strategic partner Diabetacare to introduce a best in class remote patient monitoring solution for du employees suffering from diabetes. du is providing the connectivity and the platform with an end to end approach, by enabling the data collection of the patients’ record and providing the follow-up to assure patient´s adherence to the smart solution.

du´s internal pilot will allow employees to have access to one of the best solutions in the market for a “Comprehensive Diabetes Management” program to prevent or delay complications of diabetes and improve their quality of life.

This initiative is part of du´s eHealth vision to support as many people with Diabetes as possible in the UAE, starting with their own employees. du remains conscious of the need to promote the well-being of all its employees to make the most out of every day by managing diabetes in the best possible way. This extends beyond just the tracking and alleviation of illnesses, and looks at providing opportunities to engage in additional initiatives and programs as part of improving overall work-life balance.

“We are collaborating with diabetacare to ensure that our employees receive the best medical treatment and innovation from an organization that specializes in diabetic care. Last year there were over a million cases of diabetes in the UAE alone, and that number is forecasted to rise, which is why we have taken a vested interest in creating a culture of health and wellness within our organisation to foster a sense of personal responsibility throughout our company,” said Dr. Mansoor Anwar, Senior Director, Employee Wellness and Happiness, du.

“We are pleased to join hands with du in this first of its kind initiative. This progressive attitude towards diabetes is just what society needs to galvanize their attitudes to both health and wellbeing. As an organization vested in helping people manage diabetes and live full, happy and healthy lives, we look forward to piloting this initiative,” said Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal, Managing Director of Diabetacare. 

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