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Dubai Festival For School Theatre Launched

A total of 13 boys and girls government schools in Dubai are participating in the 2nd edition of the Dubai Festival for School Theatre, launched today.

Held under the auspices of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), the five-day event will run until 25th April 2019, at Dubai Cultural and Scientific Association Auditorium.

The Festival is aimed at achieving the strategic objectives of the Authority in leveraging the artistic awareness and facilitating the artistic talent. It is also meant to increase the participation from schools across the Emirate of Dubai and promote the performing arts sector. Students will compete at all educational stages, including elementary, intermediate, and secondary.

Saeed Al Nabouda, Acting Director General at Dubai Culture, said, "This Festival is a strong pillar that supports our mission of discovering and developing local talents and contributes to promoting the school theatre activities in Dubai. It also works for leveraging the artistic capabilities of the students and instructors in the government schools.

"At Dubai Culture, we have always been keen on enhancing this particular field of art and working with our strategic partners to help the talent to polish their skills and become capable of participating in the performing art festivals in the Emirate, the region and globally, in the line with our aim of supporting the local talent and promoting them to participate at the international levels in this field."

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