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Roulette Online
It is widely accepted that the roulette wheel was invented by a French inventor and mathematician called Blaise Pascal, who was not actually trying to invent a game but rather a perpetual motion machine back in 1655.

The New IOS7 Apple Watch Will See Accelerating Sales Following the Pandemic
Apple introduced several new products during the Q4 of 2020.

How To Select Your First Credit Card: 4 Crucial Considerations
A credit card is quite similar to a chainsaw – both are handy tools that can inflict damage when used the wrong way. When looking for these items, you need to know the rules for wisely and safely using them.

Virtual Workshop At Sharjah Museum On Famous Muslim Scientist
A part of the Sharjah Museums Authority’s (SMA) monthly online events, the one-hour workshop, which starts at 16:30, has been designed for children six years of age and their families.

How To Avoid Dehydration When Playing Sports: A Concise Guide
Sixty percent of your body is composed of water, and you lose some of it throughout the day through urine and sweat. While this is normal, failing to replenish it can lead to dehydration and result in a condition called hypohydration (fluid deficit).

Handover Of First Homes Begins At Sharjah’s Mega Development Aljada
Property development company Arada has announced the completion of the first homes at Aljada, a AED24 billion lifestyle megaproject in Sharjah.

Mandatory PCR Test For Workers In Private Educational Institutions In Sharjah Every 14 Days
The Sharjah Private Education Authority issued a circular to this effect for the directors of private educational institutions in the emirate.

Sharjah Chamber Inks MoU With Its Counterpart In Zanzibar To Enhance Mutual Investment
The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with its counterpart in Zanzibar.

Air Arabia Resumes Daily Flights To Doha
Air Arabia has announced the resumption of directs flights between Sharjah and Doha, Qatar’s capital, starting 18th January, 2021.

Arada Records 35% Rise In Sales During 2020 To Reach AED1.75 Billion
Arada has reported a robust sales performance for 2020, as the developer benefited from a raft of project handovers and the stable Sharjah real estate market to overcome the effects of the pandemic.

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