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Community Theatre Troupe STAR TOO Presents ’Where Is Home?’

Dubai Actors to Set a New Kind of Stage at The Fridge

Fans of independent, local theatre are to be treated to a unique performance by the STAR TOO Theatre Project on Thursday night (June 3) at The Fridge in Al Quoz.

The performance, which is entitled ‘Where is Home’ is singular as each of the actors participates not only in their own narrative – which they have composed themselves - but also by using their bodies and white sheets to create the play’s many sets and scenes taking place on a long black carpet. They seamlessly transform into chairs, boats, and even fruit trees creating a magical and constantly changing environment transporting the audience from a living room at one moment, to a lake without interruption.

Each of the actors has developed their own piece and the audience is promised an evening of deep, meaningful and sometimes extremely funny expression.

The Dubai-based theatre group, which is made up of performers in training, is presenting for only the second time after wide spread acclaim on their first outing.

The show will once again be introduced by Acting Instructor Sol Abiad, who delivers innovative theatrical performances with a key concept - acting is not about pretending, but about convincing an audience.

‘Where is Home?’ applies exercises mastered during STAR TOO’s experimental theatre programme, which have been the building blocks of the piece.

Sol Abiad, Acting Instructor, STAR TOO, said: “We are very delighted to be performing for the second time at The Fridge. The piece entitled “Where Is Home” is a question that is very pertinent in life in the UAE, as most people here find themselves trying to define that concept.

“Our mission at STAR TOO is to advance the vitality and diversity of theatre by nurturing relationships with very capable artists from other disciplines in the present community, widening the understanding of performance art, and contributing to the cultural landscape of the region.”

The cast features Defne Gursoy, Sarah Dufayard, Tareq Ghosheh, Subah Shahid, Victoria Wilson, Mustafa Elmonofy, Flora Diaz Hurtado, and Assem Kroma. They have engaged in exercises inspired by Mnouchkine, Peter Brook, Max-stafford Clarke, Viola Spolin, Jersey Grotowski and Agusto Boal.

Tickets are priced at AED 50 for adults and children and can be purchased from The Fridge on the night of the event.

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