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Medical Tourism Giant SEHTEQ Expands Into GCC, Libya And United States

SEHTEQ global award winning medical tourism network covering Iraq and headquarter in Dubai, announced its plan to expand into GCC, Libya and United States after a successful year in Iraq and the win of best medical tourism facilitator award for 2014 at 9th world health tourism congress which was held in Dubai.

Dr. Hayat AlJaibeji Director of Customer Support at SEHTEQ received the award from Dr. Ahmed bin Kalban CEO Hospital Sector at Dubai Health Authority.  “Innovation always wins, we started a new concept merging best practices of health insurance, travel and medical tourism after 3 years of dedicated research” Dr. AlJaibeji added “we offer end to end solution for treatment, transparently priced packages, inclusive of all services – this makes it easier for patients to choose”

When it comes to customer support, our philosophy is simple “we treat every patient as a family member”

SEHTEQ is  publishing a monthly magazine dedicated to health and beauty with over 14,000 copies distributed to affiliates, doctors, clinics, hospitals and beauty centers all over the country.

SEHTEQ is recognized by the industry as a major player in its first year of operation, which was another success after a healthy return of investment during the first 10 months of business and a forecast to end the year in a good profit. The company expansion into other areas like cosmetics is reflected in referral partnership with award winning Clinic Joelle in Dubai, as well opening new markets where treatment aboard is in demand.  

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