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RTA Launches In-House Knowledge Enrichment Programme

The step is part of a strategy to maximise employees accumulated knowledge and realise the concept of ’Learning Organisation

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a ‘Knowledge Enrichment’ programme to identify employees’ knowledge and encourage them to share their expertise with their colleagues. The step is part of a strategy to maximise employees accumulated knowledge and realise the concept of ‘Learning Organisation.’

“The programme aims to identify the expertise of current employees by designating certain employees as experts in their respective fields of knowledge. RTA seeks to capitalise on such expertise and share it with other employees in a bid to broaden the scope of education and knowledge,” said Nasser Abu Shehab, CEO of Strategy and Corporate Governance, RTA.

“The programme consists of field and professional knowledge tracks, each has three levels corresponding to the cognitive abilities of nominated employees. A knowledge assessment card will be used to assess nominees where points will be assigned to each criterion fulfilled, such as research capabilities, leadership skills and certificates of relevance.

“After joining the programme, members will be assessed by other criteria including knowledge-sharing efforts and plans, knowledge-related initiatives, qualifications obtained through assessment courses, professional certificates, viable improvement proposals made, and studies published in RTA’s Scientific Research Award or other academic magazines, among others.

“To encourage knowledge sharing, programme members will be celebrated and rewarded for their excellent efforts. The programme contributes to realising the seventh Principle of Dubai Government ‘A Land for Talent’ aimed to turn Dubai into a rich environment for talented and skilled individuals to boost community development,” concluded Abu Shehab.

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