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GRP System Serves As Unified Platform To Supervise Up To 65,500 Dubai Government Employees In 2009

Dubai eGovernment’s Government Resources Planning System contributes in boosting performance of employees of 27 local departments

Dubai eGovernment has announced that the Government Resources Planning (GRP) System has achieved significant success in 2009 in implementing initiatives and projects that were aimed at upgrading the level of the eServices being offered within various departments of Dubai Government. The GRP System provides an integrated system of services to manage all the financial, logistics and HR processes of 27 government departments in Dubai, covering a total of 65,500 employees.

In 2009, the GRP System was able to automate the HR regulations of Dubai Airports Authority, the HR regulations for judges and members of Dubai’s judicial authority, and the regulations related to appointment of pensioners in governmental bodies in Dubai. As such, an additional 4,000 employees from local departments were registered in the system. The milestones have highlighted the GRP’s ability to manage thousands of employees with a simplified application.

In cooperation with the customer relationship department, which is the main contact point for customers of Dubai eGovernment, several workshops and around 100 training courses were also conducted in 2009, attended by around 900 employees from all the departments of Dubai Government.

H.E. Ahmad Bin Humaidan, Director General of Dubai eGovernment, said: “Over a period of nine years, Dubai eGovernment has been able to accomplish a series of significant milestones in support of the emirate’s electronic transformation. These accomplishments are in line with the vision of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to enhance Dubai’s status as a leading global hub in the fields of business and investment, while achieving excellence in governance through the optimal use of technology and human resources. The positive results achieved in 2009 were the direct outcome of the fruitful collaboration among various government departments and institutions in Dubai.”

“We at Dubai eGovernment are keen on providing world-class applications that are based on financial and administrative best practices and on the governing regulations in force in the emirate of Dubai. We have developed a unified electronic system designed to fit the needs of government departments and their employees. This approach essentially combines all the individual performance of each local department under a unified platform, which is operated and supervised in accordance with the latest technological advances and the highest levels of competency and transparency. This has resulted in more tangible results such as unified procedures, reduced expenditure, and faster and more efficient performance within these departments,” added Bin Humaidan.

Bin Humaidan further said: “From the outset of the establishment of the GRP System, expert and specialised teams have studied the requirements to manage the financial, logistics and HR functions of governmental bodies through a unified electronic system. A timetable was prepared to be followed by all participating departments, who were required to implement the same set of systems for administrative and financial operations. The financial aspect of the system covers general ledger, accounts payable and receivable, and fixed assets. The system also manages logistic operations, distribution and warehouses, while the HR functions covered by the system include payroll systems and staff management. We decided to unify these functions as much as possible to achieve our strategic goal of adopting a unified electronic system to run the administrative, financial and HR processes of these departments. This in turn has helped achieve significant savings in terms of cost of software solutions as well as systems and maintenance costs. If each of these government departments worked independently from each other, the expenses incurred would have been much greater. Thanks to the unified system, all departments now share one service platform, which saves a huge amount of financial resources for the government as a whole.”

Bin Humaidan also noted the huge decrease in the cost of employing personnel with rare fields of specialization. This was again achieved in part by unifying the electronic systems of government departments. Previously, each department had its own team of programmers, information system managers, and database managers. With the unified system, Dubai eGovernment now takes over these functions on behalf of all the departments, giving them greater flexibility to perform their core responsibilities.

Bin Humaidan said that integration is one of the prominent features of GRP, in addition to the fact that it provides decision makers with the ability to accurately know all financial information regarding Dubai Government with the push of a button. Such relevant information includes incomes, expenses, sales, and paid items that are not received yet. The system also helps determine the exact location of various equipment in government warehouses, and how fixed assets are being rotated and circulated among the departments.

It is worth noting that GRP provides the necessary electronic infrastructure to achieve the overall integration among the government departments in Dubai, promoting the emirate’s vision of electronic transformation. The GRP System covers the following areas: financial systems, HR management systems, payroll systems, supply chain, asset management and joint services system for employee relations, in addition to added-value systems such as electronic employment portal and eLearning management. These systems provide employees at Dubai Government with a large number of eServices that serve as main working tools. For example, the system provides tools for presenting administrative applications, or even viewing leave balance available and communicating with colleagues. The eServices also provide a wide range of data that allow government employees to boost professional development and improve productivity.

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