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Bespoke Boats Fit For The High Seas

Recent report reveals a sharp increase in the demand for berth spaces

As luxury developments on the waterfront are continuing to be handed over, yachting and boating enthusiasts are vying for more berth spaces. According to the Dubai International Marine Club’s recent report this demand has risen exponentially.

This report shows that the Middle East has around 150,000 yachts in total, including 12,000 in the Arabian Gulf reaffirming that this region is a significant player in the leisure marine industry.

Ahead of next month’s Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS), Summertown has noticed a rise in demand for berths with the study revealing that nearly five times the current allotment of berth spaces are needed to meet this demand.

“A bespoke service for yachts and boats is a specialised trade that not only requires fine quality craftsmanship, but also demands the precision and accuracy necessary to pass rigorous sea trials. Summertown is one of the few companies in the UAE that can deliver unique fit-outs and interiors for both existing vessels and new builds, and meets and exceeds these requirements,” commented Marcos Bish, Managing Director, Summertown Interiors.

Remarking on the bespoke service, Ms. Shakeela Moosa, General Manager, Summertown Joinery commented, “Joinery works on yachts demand optimum precision and workmanship. Intense snagging tests during sea trials ensure sea worthiness—from its systems functioning properly, to ensuring that there is no vibration or other rattling on the boat while at sea. Most faults on a boat or yacht are identified when it makes its initial transition to water.”

Because a boat refit-out or new build is carried out on land, but tested in water, it will go through a physical ‘adjustment’ as the contrast with moving from a hard, even surface to having buoyancy in the water will allow the boat to ‘relax’ and this will have an effect on the boat’s overall shape.

Materials used on luxury boats and yachts must be lightweight, and the utmost in quality control must be carried out in order to accommodate the many different services such as air-conditioning, electric, lighting, and mechanical works which all have to fit within confined spaces. Precise measurements and templates are a must when custom-made joinery and furniture is fitted; as any discrepancy will make the tailor-made furniture unusable.

Summertown provides exceptional bespoke joinery solutions for the retail and corporate sectors as well as yacht interiors. With over a decade of experience in diverse joinery projects, Summertown Joinery has gained a reputation for reliability and superior craftsmanship.

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