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RTA Introduces Improved Driving Test

The new system focuses on setting the time & routes, assists the conversion to an electronic format

Licensing Agency at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has embarked on developing a new driving test system based on three key aspects, with the aim of going a step forward in adopting best-in-class practices, and implementing quality standards under the drive of realizing RTA vision of providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All.

According to Mahmoud Al Marzouqi, Director of Drivers Training & Qualifying Dep’t at RTA Licensing Agency, the Agency had developed the new system by setting the timing and routes through which driving test process is carried out, along with a new test form. Accordingly, the new test will require student drivers to demonstrate a wider range of driving skills during their driving test.

“By introducing the enhanced system, we aim at assessing students on the basis of a specialized scientific vision that translates the intention of the Agency to realize the objectives of carrying out driving tests in a fair manner. The new test will take longer than the current test and feature a set test route that students will drive. This is one of several new initiatives to improve driver training and testing that the RTA is rolling out in 2010” said Al Marzouqi.

"In order to accomplish these aims, this form included detailed performance criteria which will be utilized in assessing each applicant. This detailed performance criteria is meant to address the issue of subjective judgment by the examiners. . It also encompasses two main aspects; minor errors (comprises 16 points) and actual failure cases (comprises 5 error cases where committing any of them will be good enough to assess the applicant as Failure).

“The new testing form includes coded errors printed overleaf where they are amply explained. These codes are capable of identifying the errors monitored and recorded by examiners during the testing process. Upon the completion of the test session, these codes will serve as clear comments to examinees about the nature of errors made during the conduct of the driving test.

“Setting On specific locations in these pre-determined test routes, the examiners will mark their observations during the test, not before and not after. This will help ensure the drive test is done as per standard.

“These new components are critical features which will help the Agency identify valuable information like most often committed faults in particular locations, and even the average drive time. These are some of the critical information necessary for making informed decision in the future, Mahmoud Almarzouqi concluded.

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