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AFM Films And Filmworks Announce The UAE Release Of City Of Life

The first multi-lingual feature film written, produced and directed in the United Arab Emirates to premiere in cinemas on April 22

After more than a year in the making, AFM Films and Filmworks are proud to announce the release of the feature film City of Life. The film will premiere in cinemas across the UAE on April 22.

The production, comprising more than 200 cast and crew, is a milestone in the development of the UAE film industry in being the first UAE-made feature film to achieve a theatrical release.

Filmed entirely on location in the United Arab Emirates, City of Life follows the lives and fortunes of three central characters living and working in Dubai. The film depicts the very different cultures and lifestyles that exist side by side in this complex, multi-cultural city.

The destinies of a privileged young Emirati man, a disillusioned Indian taxi driver and a European woman are set to collide as their very different lifestyles become interwoven in a tale of greed, ambition and betrayal. Dialogue is spoken in English, Arabic and Hindi, with subtitles.

The cast reflects the multiple ethnicities portrayed in the film and includes British actors Jason Flemyng and Natalie Dormer, renowned comedian Ahmed Ahmed and UAE national Saoud Al Kaabi. Famous faces from India’s film industry include TV presenter Jaaved Jaaferi and new-wave Bollywood actor Sonu Sood. Also in the cast is Canadian/Iraqi hip hop performer Yassin Aslaman (The Narcicyst) and Romanian/German actor Alexandra Maria Lara, who has previously worked with Spike Lee and Francis Ford Coppola.

The film is written, produced and directed by Ali F. Mostafa, an award-winning Emirati filmmaker whose previous works include Under the Sun. “Making a film is never an easy journey,” said Mostafa. “But dedicating three years of my life was incredibly fulfilling considering what we achieved. I hope the film paves the way for more local and international films to be made in the region.”

“The success of this film is pivotal to the growth and development of the industry,” said Tim Smythe, CEO of Filmworks and producer of City of Life. “We’re thrilled about City of Life’s local release by Gulf Film. I am indebted to the wonderful crew and cast assembled by producer Leigh Clarke, who wrapped a fantastic production with extremely high production values. I hope Ali’s efforts will inspire and motivate others and act as a catalyst for more UAE films to be screened for an international audience in future. The UAE has a great deal to offer international production partners and local talent alike, and we hope to see more emerging regional artists walk the path that Ali has pioneered.”

Official sponsors included the Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Airports, Dubai Duty Free, Nakheel, Pepsi and the endorsement of the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. Further invaluable support was offered by the Dubai Taxi Corporation part of the Road & Transport Authority, Dubai Studio City the Dubai International Film Festival, Gulf Film Festival, Xische and Gulf Film.

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Screening times for City of Life
Screening schedules are available directly from the following cinemas:
Grand Cinemas: Dubai Festival City, Grand Cineplex, Grand Megaplex, Grand Al Mariah, Grand Buhairah, Grand Manar, Grand Mercato
Cinestar: Cinestar Dubai, Mall of the Emirates, Abu Dhabi Marina mall
Reel Cinema Dubai Mall , Cinemacity Arabian Mall

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