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Dubai eGovernment To Organize A Series Of Events To Highlight The Role Of e-Government & Administrative Simplification In Minimizing The Impact Of Global Financial Crisis

Events being held in cooperation with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Dubai eGovernment is organizing a series of events during the 6th meeting of the second working group on eGovernment and administrative simplification between April 27 and 28, 2010. The meeting, which will be held at the Dubai School of Government near Dubai World Trade Centre, will be attended by representatives from member countries of the Middle East and North African (MENA) region and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The events, which are expected to attract 20 to 40 representatives of the participating entities in addition to a team from OECD, will discuss the best strategies to strengthen the joint cooperation between the different parties. During the meeting, the OECD representatives will provide a comprehensive study entitled “Progress in Public Management in the Middle East and North Africa: Case Studies on Policy Reform”. The attendees will also discuss the opportunities of eGovernments in the aftermath of the global financial crisis as well as growth prospects; challenges facing knowledge-based economy in the long run and good practices in the field of e-Justice. They will also discuss the results of the Ministerial Meeting held in 2009 in Marrakech, Morocco as part of the MENA countries’ governance and investment initiative aimed at exploring the strategic options to overcome the impact of the global financial crisis and promote effective communication between the public and private sectors, which in turn will help improve the business environment and open new investment opportunities in the region.

The agenda of the second day of the meeting includes a series of events highlighting the experience of Dubai eGovernment in the eTransformation process, especially the overall strategy that was adopted to achieve synchronization between centralized and decentralized methods. The participants will discuss the results of this experience at different levels.

The participants will also make presentations about the various milestones and success stories of Dubai eGovernment, such as the Government Resource Planning (GRP) System, which is one of the joint systems provided by Dubai eGovernment to help the government departments update their infrastructure necessary to manage their resources efficiently; the Government Information Network (GIN), which is the backbone for linking 50 Dubai government and semi-government entities through high speed connections, depending on an infrastructure that ensures safe and cost-effective exchange of information and smooth integration.

Dubai Customs will provide participants with detailed information about Mirsal 2, a comprehensive electronic customs declaration system, which enables customers to complete the procedures for export and import, and goods transfer online round the clock. Later, the meeting delegates will also visit Dubai Courts to know more about the eServices related to eJustice.

Ahmed Bin Humaidan, Director General of Dubai eGovernment, said: “Dubai is hosting the sixth meeting in its capacity as the head of the working group assigned to handle the theme “eGovernment and Administrative Simplification”, at a time when the global financial crisis has posed several challenges at both the domestic and international levels. Hence, we are looking to review our strategic plans and modify them in line with the global economic developments, which in turn will help us support the implementation of Dubai Strategic Plan 2015.”

“Through this event, OECD aims to provide an ideal platform for experts in the region to discuss ways to develop general policies, promote infrastructure investments related to the communication and information technology sector and explore opportunities to strengthen the role of eGovernments in addressing the consequences of the global financial crisis, particularly due to the fact that the projects launched by the eGovernments have played a vital role in supporting regulatory reforms, promoting transparency within the government, upgrading the public services provided to customers at the lowest costs and tackling challenges that hinder development plans. These projects have also effectively contributed to spreading corporate governance principles and have helped governments develop their economies optimally,” he added.

“As part of our vision to enhance the effectiveness of the sustainable development process in Dubai and the UAE, we are keen to explore the prospects of joint cooperation with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the MENA countries. This will also help attract more local, regional and foreign investments, support economic growth, create more job opportunities and contribute to greater stability in the region,” Bin Humaidan pointed out.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is an international organization which works under the umbrella of the United Nations and brings together a group of developed countries that adopt the principles of democracy and free market economy. The Organisation provides a setting where governments compare political experiences, co-ordinate local and international policies and study the nature of social changes and the developments related to trade, environment, agriculture, technology and taxes.

During a meeting held by the "Governance for Development in Arab Countries Initiative" in Istanbul, Turkey, in February 2004, it was agreed to select six themes for development in the Arab countries. In April of the same year, Dubai was selected to chair the working group assigned to the second theme of "eGovernment and Administrative Simplification", which was co-chaired by Italy and Korea. The first meeting of the group was held in Dubai in 2005.

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