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Protecting Earth’s Natural Resources - The IKEA Way

IKEA stores in Dubai Festival City and Abu Dhabi Marina Mall feature signage which not only highlight sustainable products endorsed by IKEA designers but also forms part of IKEA’s contribution to Earth Day which is being celebrated this month.

The world’s favourite furniture and furnishing company’s innovative campaign (as seen in the accompanying two images) is drawn from its Never Ending List - a list of improvements, new designs and social initiatives aimed at taking better care of the environment, the earth’s resources and each other.

Although products from the Never Ending List have become the mainstay of IKEA’s offerings to its customers in the UAE, IKEA will demonstrate responsibility to its customers by making them aware of how they can stay in step with IKEA to make a noticeable difference.

Among various products on the List and which is available in IKEA stores is a stylish drawer unit made from 100 percent recycled PET plastic, soft bedroom fabric made from a renewable cellulose-based material derived from wood fibres from tree farms requiring less water than cotton farms, and a fruit basket made entirely from trunks of banana trees after the harvest.

The Never Ending List can be found on

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