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DED Organises Specialised Workshops For 2010 Cycle Of Dubai Quality Award

The Business Excellence Centre at the Department of Economic Development (DED) conducted two self-assessment workshops for companies that are potential participants in the 2010 cycle of the Dubai Quality Award (DQA). The workshops focused on conducting self-assessment of companies and the logistics involved in preparing a well-organized award submission document, based on the current European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) 2010 Excellence Model.

“Companies interested in applying for the Dubai Quality Award should take full advantage of the workshops that DED offers. These will help them to restructure their approach to the award and the submission document. Through the workshops, participants will be able to institute quality and excellence principles within their companies by assessing and enhancing their own strengths,” said Mr Mohammed Bushanain, Executive Director, Business Excellence Centre, DED.

“We recommend Self-Assessment as the first step to participate in the Dubai Quality Award because it enables companies to examine their existing strategies and working practices against the DQA criteria. This will help them to identify their strengths and areas for improvement,” added Mr Bushanain.

The DQA workshop was conducted by Mr Norman Hughes, Manager of Footloose Enterprises Ltd, UK, who focused on the use of the latest EFQM 2010 Excellence model, which helps organisations to improve their overall performance. “Dubai Quality Award model is considered by many as the quality roadmap for all organizations operating in the Emirate. This model motivates companies to measure, analyze, learn and improve their performances in all levels,” said Hughes.

“It is remarkable that DED has been able to develop the DQA model to integrate modern influences from across the world, thus enabling it to be on par with accepted international quality awards. The workshop was a significant step forward and proved to be an exciting and interactive event,” added Hughes.

Mr Bushanain called upon companies wishing to participate in the DQA to begin the process early and to focus on the journey to enhance their quality standards. “We would like to stress the importance of allowing sufficient ‘quality’ time for the preparation process. This would enable companies to establish skills that are vital in preparing a successful submission document,” he added.

More than 50 senior managers and executives representing different sectors of Dubai-based organizations including manufacturing, construction, finance, trading, higher education, healthcare, tourism and services, attended the workshops.

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