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DEWA presents Smart Office app

“We adhere to the wise words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, and Ruler of Dubai, “the vision for our future government, is to develop a government that does not sleep, and provides 24/7 services, 365 days a year. It is a government that is hospitable, efficient with transactions, and strong with procedures.” We continue to integrate the latest technologies, in support of the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021, “To shift towards a new phase of smart development, we are showing a glimpse of the future and taking the advice of our employees to develop new smart services that will meet their expectations and make life easier for them,” said Al Tayer.

“The happiness of our employees is our highest priority, and by adopting the latest smart government solutions, we are able to provide our employees with smart integrated services that increase efficiency with daily tasks, making Dubai the preferred global hub for business investment.”

DEWA’s efforts contribute to developing a smart government that can provide services for the whole community anytime, anywhere, with smart systems that enhance the work environment,” added Al Tayer.

“DEWA launched the Smart Office App in 2012, to enhance services to employees, in addition to a number of other services to help them achieve their tasks more efficiently and innovatively. DEWA constantly updates features to meet the needs of employees, as well as those with special needs, helping them cope with changes in the work environment,” said Moza Al Akraf, CIO of DEWA.

“The Smart Office app includes many features that enhance the employees’ overall experience, and efficiency with daily tasks. While making use of the new app, employees can finish various internal approval procedures regarding purchases, price comparisons, and electronic training orders, assuring non-stop development of ongoing projects,” said Al Akraf.

“Employees can also register their entrance and exit from DEWA offices via the use of GPS, and receive task lists related to smart meters, from any work location. The app allocates jobs to staff according to their location and updates them on work progress,” added Al Akraf.

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