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Prime Minister issues the financial regulations for scholarships and study aid

Pursuant to the Financial Regulations that was issued in the Official Gazette, scholars with scholarships in US, Canada, Europe and Australia receive AED 12,000 monthly salary and distinguished scholars receive AED 15,000. Scholars with scholarships in Japan and South Korea receive AED 15,000 monthly salary. Scholars with scholarships in Arab countries receive AED 8,000 monthly salary and distinguished scholars receive AED 10,000.

Scholars also receives one-time relocation budget of AED 6,000, annual return ticket and scholar may receive another return ticket in case of emergency.
The government also pays the tuition fees according to the approved degree plan. Such fees will be paid according to official statement from the educational institute and attestation from the scholarships’ officials. The government also covers the scholar’s medical insurance and medication if scholar does not hold any other medical coverage.

Scholar is also entitled to receive 6-nights’ accommodation upon his first time arrival to his scholarship destination and according to MOHESR’s approved reservation system. The Ministry may cover any additional expenses after obtaining approval and attestation from the scholarship’s official. A specialized committee determines the terms and conditions for the scholars’ salary and benefits.

The Financial Regulation delegates the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, based on the Committee’s recommendation, to grant part-time national scholars pursuing their postgraduate education ‎abroad the following: tuition fees, annual return ticket, medical coverage and an annual fixed amount that does not exceed the salary of the full-time scholar as stated in this Financial Regulation.

The new Cabinet Resolution also regulate domestic scholarships, scholarships for disabled federal and local government employees, spouse and children’s benefits and housing and transportation for female scholars.

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