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National Bonds Launches ’NBC Booster 20’ On Dubai Financial Market

The National Bonds, a Shariah-compliant investment company in the UAE, has announced the launch of "NBC Booster 20", following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with the Dubai Financial Market, DFM, this year.

National Bonds will provide certificates of investment for registered investors exclusively, through DFM-licensed brokers, effective from 17th November 2019.

This exclusive offer, which is a first-of-its-kind Shariah-compliant Mudarabah structure, provides benefits for investors including real-time tracking of their investments and the flexibility to redeem the investment via National Bonds at any point in time. The most exciting aspect of the offer is that profit is paid to investors every 3 months.

The total expected returns on "NBC Booster 20" is 20 percent over 5 years, while the minimum investment is AED25,000 only.

National Bonds CEO, Mohammed Qasim Al Ali mentioned that the launch of the "NBC Booster 20" certificates will provide a much-needed investment platform, as well as supporting the liquidity increase in the financial system the offer also provides a huge range of bundled benefits and privileges to the customers.

Hassan Al- Serkal, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Operations Division at DFM, said, "Diversification of products and investment opportunities is one of the cornerstones of our market strategy. We are thus delighted to cooperate with National Bonds to launch NBC Booster 20 through brokerage firms in the market.

"There is a growing demand for Shariah-compliant financial products to diversify investment opportunities for the huge market base of over 844,000 local and international investors, as well as open prospects for brokerage firms to expand their activities."

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