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Vehicle registration renewal in Dubai

Registration Renewal info and process

Renewal of your car registration is compulsory in every year before your vehicle registration expires this process is to make sure that the cars are road worthy and won’t be danger to anyone’s life.

Along with other services, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) also provide vehicle registration renewal online provided all the other mandatory steps are completed.

For the renewal some simple steps need to be followed.

Firstly you have to make sure that you have paid any pending fine and dues which can be paid online, However if there are black points on your vehicle. You'll have to go to the RTA office to register the points.

If your vehicle is older than two years it requires testing which can be done by visiting one of the vehicle testing facility centers established throughout the city.

Once it has passed the testing, you need to take insurance which can easily be obtained online.

Now we believe that your car has passed the testing, all the fines are paid off and insurance is obtained you can simply go to RTA website or app to renew the registration of your vehicle. You will get an electronic registration card in your mail box and plastic gold registration card will be couriered to you.

Get services of someone else

If it all feels too much of a hassle and time consuming you can always get someone else to renew your vehicle registration. One of the ways is to take the services of Renew My Car Registration All you have to do is book an appointment  and the rest will be taken care of by them.

Their appointed drivers will pick and drop your car from your doorstep, complete the process for you from paying fines to the completion of renewal, all shall be done by them while you can sit back and carry on with your routine work.

They can provide stress free services to their busy customers and that too at a very reasonable and affordable fee.

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