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2 Million Views On The Official Portal Of The UAE Government During November

Just months following the launch of the UAE domain

The General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector (TRA) announced that the number of views on the official portal of the UAE government reached more than two million views last November, compared to one million and two hundred visits in November 2018, an increase of 67%, where the portal was visited by more than one million visitors, of whom 800,000 were new visitors. This high turnout on the website reflects the great work of the portal team in developing and enriching content and continuously updating the portal.

Popularity spiked a few months after the UAE government launched a new domain name of the official website to be the world's first single-letter government domain (U), with the aim of facilitating public access to information, services, projects, strategies and laws in the country.

Commenting on this milestone, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansouri, TRA Director General, said: "In line with our strategic goal of promoting a smart lifestyle, we are keen to provide all government information through, which represents the online presence of the UAE government. The website serves as a comprehensive platform for individuals and businesses to know all they need about laws, policies, services, projects and more. This high turnout on the official portal of the UAE government only confirms the effectiveness of plans and strategies set by the TRA towards the development of smart channels, reaching the widest possible audience. These figures also reflect the great success in adopting the new portal domain name (, which goes in line with the directives of our wise leadership to adopt a culture of innovation and creativity as a way to affirm the leadership of our nation and happiness of our society.”

He added: “The Portal’s success in attracting the public confirms that we are on the right track through which we follow the guidance of our wise leadership aiming at promoting the portal's role as a one-stop platform for government services and information and e-participation, supporting the Online Service Index (OSI) issued by the United Nations, which is also one of UAE’s national agenda indicators.”

Statistics show that "Visa Enquiry and Fees” was at the top of most viewed pages, followed by "Public Holidays", and "Tourist visa". The portal’s ranking on search engines jumped to the top of search results for many of the keywords used by people in their search for information and services provided by the UAE Government. 77.9% of the users visited the portal through search engines and around 31.8% of portal users originate from countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK and Egypt. On the interests of portal users, their searched keywords on the portal's internal search engine focused on visas, ID, passports, public holidays, among several others.

It is noteworthy that the UAE government has launched last July its new domain name to be the world's first one-letter government domain name (U), with the aim of facilitating public access to information, services, projects, strategies and laws in the UAE. The new name developed in cooperation between the Prime Minister’s Office at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, and the General Authority for Regulating the Telecommunications Sector consists of the three letters of the word “UAE” (, where the first letter represents the portal address, followed by the second and third letters, representing the country code top-level domain for the UAE (.ae).

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