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Leading UAE Wellbeing Centre Provides Online Mental Health Video Therapy

New service will enable people to access help from their home during COVID-19 pandemic

The Priory Wellbeing Centre in Dubai has launched an online therapy service in response to the challenges of COVID-19, to ensure vital help remains available for those with mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress. This service will allow people to access one-to-one treatment online with an expert therapist from the Priory via video link.

It means patients don’t have to leave home, as sessions are available during the day, evening and weekends. People can choose a therapist from an extended network of clinical experts. It is hoped the digital approach will help improve access to treatments for many with mental health conditions who are social distancing or self-isolating.

“During these unprecedented times, it’s vital that the current physical distancing and quarantine restrictions do not impede the growing needs of those looking for mental health services. For many, the need for professional support is now more vital than ever as our lifestyles adapt to a new ‘normal’. Research suggests that tele-therapy is at least as effective as in-person therapy, so we hope this new service will ensure support remains accessible for those feeling particularly vulnerable during this period,” says Tanya Dharamshi, Clinical Director and Counselling Psychologist at Priory Wellbeing Centre, Dubai.

“While receiving help and support from the comfort of our homes may feel strange to begin with, the main purpose remains the same – to offer advice and support to those most at need and we feel confident that as the conversation progresses, the ‘virtual’ aspect will prove immaterial. Mental ill health will not simply ‘go away’ and this service can offer a lifeline to many who may be feeling overwhelmed by the current pandemic.”

The new online service uses a HIPAA compliant and fully encrypted video service for a high standard of care, governance and confidentiality. More information can be found at or by calling: (+971) 4 245 3800.

Some useful tips for those using tele-therapy for the first time, or just trying therapy for the first time. These include:

Finding a quiet space

If you’re accessing online therapy from home, try and find a quiet space and time that works best for you and your circumstances – this could be in the evenings and at weekends.

You could also consider getting outside for your sessions. If you have somewhere to go that means you’ll still have some peace and quiet, such as a garden, while also following social distancing guidelines, then this may also be a good option for you.

Another thing you can do to block out any background noise is to wear headphones during your sessions. Also, make sure you mute or hide any notifications that may pop up on your phone or tablet or whichever device you’re using for the online therapy, so you’re not distracted.

Treat online therapy like a real face-to-face session

Speaking to a therapist online can feel strange, at least at first. However, by treating your online therapy sessions like physical face-to-face appointments, this can help you to adjust quicker. Don’t hold back during your online sessions – make sure you’re getting things off your chest in the same way you would during a face-to-face session. By allowing yourself to become fully immersed in the session, this can help you to forget any initial strangeness you may feel, and really get the most out of your appointment. Online therapy is also a good way to benefit from some human contact when you’re self-isolating or following social distancing guidelines. This can help you stay connected to the outside world which, in itself, can boost your mood and wellbeing. After all, humans are social beings, so really try to make the most out of this.

It’s completely understandable if you need some time to adjust to the concept of online therapy but remember, your therapist is there to help and guide you during this time and has your best interests at heart.

Use your time online constructively

By committing to only spending time online for helpful reasons such as accessing therapy, doing online exercise, or keeping in touch with loved ones and only one or two news updates a day, from reputable channels, you’ll be able to safeguard your wellbeing during such a difficult time.

A series of videos containing advice and information to help people who are struggling with their mental health, an eating disorder or an addition, is available at:

Priory – the mental health specialists - is the leading independent provider of behavioural care in the UK, and its private Healthcare division includes a nationwide network of hospitals and wellbeing centres.

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