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Dubai Chamber Launches CSR Programme To Help SMEs In Dubai Navigate COVID-19

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched its Business Mentoring and Support, BMS, Programme - a CSR initiative designed to help small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, in Dubai steer new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The programme will see SMEs in Dubai paired with large companies offering professional advice and resources tailored to unique needs, and helping participants strengthen business skills and competencies. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for large corporates to enhance their CSR impact and contribute to the development of Dubai’s economy.

As part of this programme, the Coca-Cola Company will donate 250,000 face masks and US$240,000 worth of products to 3,000 restaurants and small stores across the UAE, and will advise the retailers with in-store safety communications and social awareness campaigns designed to encourage customers to support local stores.

"Given the unprecedented challenges faced by SMEs in the current business landscape, it was a natural move for Dubai Chamber to create a programme providing these enterprises with valuable support and resources in the key challenge areas, in a way that not only addresses immediate needs but also helps them develop and grow into thriving businesses," said Dr. Belaid Rettab, Senior Director of Economic Research and Sustainable Business Development Sector, Dubai Chamber.

The programme also aims to create a business support ecosystem and platform that builds stronger links between large companies and SMEs in Dubai, while it also offers many far-reaching benefits for participants, such as recognition, training, CSR support, mentorship and business partnerships, he explained.

The Centre for Responsible Business will deliver awareness programmes on the dual benefits of mentoring and support to increase the pool of mentors and supporters from large organisations and attract participation from SMEs in Dubai.

It will also provide participants with access to training, a mentoring and support framework and toolkits and guidelines on mentoring and support.

Companies interested in participating in the Dubai Chamber BMS programme can contact the CRB team on the following email address:

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