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Dubai International Heritage Sports Set To Launch In December 2020

Domus Group,in partnership with the Dubai Sports Council (DSC),has announcedthe launch of Dubai International Heritage Sports Exhibition & Conference (DIHSEC) which is set to be held from December 10 to 13, 2020. The exciting four-day event is positioned as the only specialized activity featuring UAE’s heritage sports industry - holding a very significant role to highlight the sector’s latest products, services, and best practices.

The event will throw the spotlight on different equipment, accessories and all other necessities needed in executing any heritage sport. The conference segment of the event through discussions and presentations will highlight best practices, latest technologies and innovations, and ways to integrate modern methods and equipment while preserving the long-standing heritage identity of every sport.Conference keynote sessions by distinguished speakers will cover remarkable topics including “Hunting w/ Falcons in Modern Times”, “Increasing the access and participation in shooting sports for people with determination”, and “Rules & Regulations Update in Owning Hunting Weapons in the UAE”.

His Excellency Saeed Mohammad Hareb, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, said, “UAE’s traditional sports represents a big part of our national identity and have been passed down from generation to generation. Most of these sports are closely related to the desert sands and the environment of the Emirates where falcons, camels, and horses dominate the scene. Our strategic partnership reflects our commitment to encourage a deeper appreciation of UAE’s cultural and historical legacy, especially for the younger generation to practice and preserve the Emirati sporting tradition”.

Abdulla Abulhoul, Chief Executive Officer ofDomus Group, said, "The coming DIHSEC event serves as a great opportunity to display the latest technologies and equipment used in practicing heritage sports, which would facilitate and greatly increase the practice of these sports. Heritage sports is one of the most important elements that helps UAE people, Emirati and expats, bond together not only because of its health benefits but also for t the entertainment it brings to everyone, as well as the cultural ties that grow among those who have developed love for any of the traditional games.”

This show is expected to attract a large number of top-drawer buyers’ visitors from UAE, Arabian Gulf, Middle East, and from around the world, which will further increase awareness and knowledge of Emirati heritage sports and Emirati culture. Sporting categories to be featured during the show include falconry, equestrian, hunting, fishing, diving, desert vehicle, camel racing, and camping to name a few.

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