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10 Reasons Your eCommerce Conversion Rate Is So Low

The typical average conversion rate for websites is about 2.35%; while those sites at the top have conversion rates even 5 times higher.

The Conversion rate is simply the total number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors. Do note that a low conversation rate can lead to poor performance of your eCommerce site. Thus, to bring your site’s performance up to the mark and above, you need to figure out what are the reasons for this low rate. To help you through, we have stated a few below.

10 reasons your eCommerce( conversion rate is so low:

  1. Not knowing your target audience: Be good with the web & social analytics of your customers. These will help you segment your consumers and find the right target audience. You can then market to these customers as they will have higher chances of conversion.
  2. Bad impression of your site:If your visitors do not get a good impression, you’ll end up with a low conversion rate. This may be due to slow loading speed, not mobile-friendly site, bad website design making navigation difficult, poor search results that don’t match the intent, not many sorting & filtering options, etc.
  3. Product pages are not impressive: Your product page is an important factor; and if the product description is not comprehensive enough, the images are low quality &don’t cover all angles, if the audiences can’t zoom the images, etc. factors will lower your conversion rate.
  4. Customers have to pay more: If you don’t offer competitive prices, you’ll lose customers. Also, consumers today do comparison shopping. So, if you are not utilizing comparison sites( like GoBazzar(, PriceRunner, etc. to monitor competitors’ prices and increase your exposure, you will have low conversions.
  5. Time-consuming checkout: The more time/clicks it takes for your customer to checkout, the more there will be abandonment during the process. If you are asking for registration or sign up before checkout, it can also deter consumers from going ahead with the purchase.
  6. No working on exit-intent & abandonment callouts:If you are not using technology for exit-intent, consumers will exit before making a purchase. Instead, your eCommerce website should provide offers for customers with exit-intent to change their minds. Similarly, if customers with abandoned shopping carts are sent reminder emails with discount coupons, they can be converted.
  7. No clear Call to Action:Conversion is not always aboutthe sale but can be any desired action you wish for your visitors to take. For this to happen, your ‘Call to Action’ or CTA must be clear & visible to the visitors; and ultimately should be compelling them to take action.
  8. Absence of Chatbots: Chatbots help visitors to communicate and easily get answers & suggestions for their queries. They even rely on chatbots to ask for discounts. The presence of chatbots that serve 24/7 is thus necessary for easy conversions.
  9. Not enough Personalization:If you are unable to make use of available customer data - their interests, shopping behavior – to accordingly make recommendations and send personalized e-mails, you’re missing out on several conversions. Consumers expect a personalized experience and the absence of it can cause a low conversion rate.
  10. No proper utilization ofSocial platforms: Facebook ad gets an average conversion rate of 9.21%. Thus, if you are not optimizing for such social media platforms and advertising on them, you are losing on highly converting audience.

Find which of these reasons are affecting your conversion rate and work to solve them.

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