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Everything You Should Know About Delayed Flights

Flight delay is common everywhere and some travellers perhaps already see it as the norm but that shouldn’t be the case. With increased flight demands, especially towards the end of the year and the beginning of a new year, airlines struggle to keep up with schedules. This could result in a delay and there are several reasons why a flight can be delayed. This article highlights what you need to know if your flight ever gets delayed. 

Know the Reason Behind the Delay

There’s a reason behind every flight delay. Some of the most common reasons include fueling, boarding passengers, aircraft cleaning, waiting for cargo or passengers, ripple effect of an earlier delay, and more. Knowing the reason behind the delay can help you decide your next steps as regards being compensated for any inconvenience. If the delay is within the airline’s control, you may be entitled to some compensation. 

Understand Your Rights on Flight Delays

If you ever suffer a flight delay, you may be entitled to flight delay compensation of €250 up to €600 from the offending airline.

If you’re flying from an EU member state, arriving at an EU airport, or travelling with an airline headquartered in the EU, you are eligible to claim compensation. However, this is on the note that your flight was delayed for at least three hours and the reason behind the delay was within the airline’s control.

The compensation for a flight delay ranges from €250 to €600, depending on the distance of the flight, as explained below. 

Short distance flight delays – up to 1500km – €250

Medium distance flight delays – between 1500km and 3500km – €400 compensation

Long distance flight delays – over 3500km –  €600 compensation

For flights delayed for more than two hours, you are entitled to free food and drinks. And should the delay last the night, you are entitled to hotel accommodation. How much you get compensated has nothing to do with the amount of your flight ticket. As long as you have a valid flight ticket booking, it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re flying on a low-flight ticket, you are entitled to compensation. 

Understanding your rights helps you take the necessary steps to get compensated properly if your flight ever gets delayed. 

Take Next Steps

If your flight is delayed, the first thing you must do is to find out why, as explained earlier. Follow that up by gathering relevant documents that can help you claim your compensation. This includes your flight booking details, receipts, and vouchers. Be careful not to sign just any document from the airline that may require you to waive your rights to compensation in place of cheap vouchers. 

While you wait at the airport, request complimentary food and drinks from the airline, to which you’re entitled. Then, you can start the process of claiming your compensation either by contacting the airline directly or going through an experienced lawyer or agency. 

Bottom Line

Airlines are obligated to inform passengers of their rights regarding flight delays and compensations. Knowing your basic rights will help ensure you don’t have to bear the cost of any inconvenience imposed on you by an airline. This regulation on flight delays is there to protect your rights as an air passenger and you should use it to your advantage.

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