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7 Types Of Clothes To Leave To Professional Cleaners

Many consider doing the laundry the most mundane task there is. Even so, certain aspects of the chore can sometimes become too complex to handle on your own.

Washing cotton and knitted clothing is a piece of cake, especially if you have a reliable washing machine and dryer. But what about cleaning leather jackets? Wool coats? Sequined dresses? Pleated skirts?

When you need to clean clothes with delicate fabrics, beadwork, and pleats, it’s best to involve your trusted laundry service in Dubai. Below are the seven types of garments you should leave to the pros.

1.   Pleated Dresses and Blouses

Dresses, blouses, and other pieces of clothing that have pleats require more help in the “finishing” stage of the laundry to ensure that the folds stay crisp and well-defined.

Although they can be washed occasionally on low heat and a gentle cycle setting, it’s best to let the professionals clean them to avoid altering their structure or causing the folds to fall flat.

2.   Tailored Pieces

Tailored pieces contain a combination of different fabrics for the linings and facings, so you must never wash them with the rest of your laundry.

Since the materials could shrink at different rates, washing them the same way you would your other clothes could cause the garments to lose their original shape.

3.   Suede and Leather Jackets

Leather and suede don’t like moisture. Because of this, people who own jackets made from these materials only opt to spot-clean the occasional spills and dirt.

But spot-cleaning can only go so far. At some point, you’ll have to bring them to the experts for a more thorough cleaning. This is also true for pieces with patches or certain parts made from either material.

4.   Wool Coats

Wool is a natural material that requires careful washing. While you can do it yourself, leaving it to professionals is generally safer.

You can remove lint, dirt, and dust in between trips to pro cleaners using a stiff clothing brush. Of course, you need to know when it’s time to have your wool pieces cleaned and pressed for that extra sharp look.

Do a quick online search using the phrase “dry cleaning near me” and choose a reliable service provider who can clean your everyday coats at least twice every season.

In the case of special occasion coats, you can just wash them once before neatly putting them in storage to keep them safe from moths.

5.   Silk and Other Fabrics That May Bleed

Dark-colored silk clothes look luxurious when worn, but they have a tendency to bleed and transfer color to other clothes when washed at home.

Even if you handwash them individually, bringing the item to a professional cleaner is still better, especially if you already confirmed that they transfer color through a patch test.

If you’re unsure about the colorfastness of the item, it’s best to bring that piece to be professionally cleaned. This way, you can save not just one but all of your clothes.

6.   Clothes with Sequins and Beading

Don’t wash anything with embellishments glued or sewn into them. Since these are too delicate for your home washing machine, you better leave them to the skillful hands of professional cleaners.

7.   Pieces Made From Fragile Synthetic Materials

Clothes made from acetate, rayon, triacetate, chiffon, and other synthetic materials may shrink and lose their original shape when exposed to high temperatures. Even if you’re washing them with cool water, they can still become deformed and not as pretty as they used to be when you first bought them.

Err on the side of caution and leave them to the pros.

Take Care of Your Clothing

Anyone can do the laundry, but not all types of clothes belong in the washing machine. Use this article as a guide when deciding which of your garments to leave to the pros and take better care of your investment pieces.

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