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ASIC Antminer - Advantages and Disadvantages of the equipment

ASIC Antminer is a high-tech equipment that performs just one task: cryptocurrency mining. Due to the fact that the equipment is focused on a single function, it is much more powerful than processors or graphics cards used for bitcoin mining in the UAE.

In this material we will consider the features of miners, as well as their pros and cons and try to figure out whether to purchase, restore the productive device.

Features of ASIC Antminer - what is the equipment

Most modern miners started mining crypto with the help of productive video cards. Thus, users got to know the topic from the inside, experimented with overclocking, and also learned how to choose the right coins.

ASIC mining is the next step when a person is already confident in the idea and the cryptocurrency has accumulated in their electronic wallets.

The abbreviation ASIC, or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit, in translation from English means "Special Purpose Integrated Circuit". That is, this computer technology is only suitable for a certain type of work. In fact, this is an improved version of mining with CPU/GPU chips.

When creating ASIC miners, manufacturers optimize the hardware and algorithms to perform specific computing tasks, which can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of mining digital currencies. Each type of ASIC is capable of mining only certain types of crypto (the latter are determined by the hashing method).

Advantages of ASIC Antminer

As mentioned above, ASIC Antminer is a powerful, productive equipment. Below we will consider its main advantages.

Efficiency. ASIC miners are designed to perform specific computing tasks. Due to this technological equipment is able to mine crypto much more effectively than ordinary video cards or processors. 

Resistance to attacks. Due to the specialized purpose, the hardware has a higher resistance to attacks (as opposed to PCs or graphics cards). Therefore, asic owners are more protected against malicious programs and hacker attacks. 

Efficiency. ASIC miners mine crypto much faster than others designed or optimized for this device. Thus, miners get more impressive rewards for mining digital assets. 

Simplicity and convenience. As a rule, this equipment is characterized by an intuitive interface and elementary operation. The device is ready to use directly "out of the box". The user does not have to worry about BIOS, firmware, etc. The main thing is to take care of the presence of a power supply (often comes with the kit). 

High payback factor. Efficiency, high speed of cryptocurrency mining contribute to the fact that the asics quickly enough self-payback. 

The range of equipment. The choice of ASIC Antminer models is quite wide. The user can buy a device for industrial mining, as well as for a variety of experiments. There are models for experienced miners and for beginners. Prices also vary. 

Reliability. The technique has a long enough operating period (subject to correct use), reliable hardware. Due to the limited functionality of the equipment the probability of failure is reduced.

It is also worth noting the relative cost-effectiveness, especially in comparison with other devices for mining. Asics consume less power than graphics cards or computers. 

In addition, unlike other equipment, ASICs are compact and small in size. Thus, it is possible to freely install several devices in one room, combining them into complexes and creating farms.

Disadvantages of mining equipment

As a rule, if there are advantages, there is no getting away from the disadvantages. ASIC miners are not devoid of the latter, namely:

high cost - productive, powerful models are quite expensive, and this is a serious obstacle for many small miners;

the likelihood of obsolescence - the cryptocurrency technology market is developing rapidly, as the release of new equipment, the old becomes less relevant (in principle, this can be said about most technical industries);

weak warranty - most manufacturers do not often protect the peace of mind of the user (depending on the model: from 90-180 days to one year), for video cards this figure is much higher (3-5 years); 

loudness - due to high hash rate the case gets very warm, and the fans are responsible for its cooling, which is quite loud (average range - up to 75-76 dB), so it is rather risky to put such equipment in residential houses.

In addition, sometimes it will be quite difficult to buy an ASIC Antminer. Despite its high price, the equipment is in great demand. Models sell out very quickly. Also, due to rapid obsolescence of equipment, it is very hard to sell used miners for at least half of their original price.


As you can see, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, it is definitely worth recommending purchase and repair of ASIC Antminer in case of computer equipment failure. The main thing is to remember that the rate of digital currencies, on which the income of the miner directly depends, is unstable. In addition, you need to be prepared for a probable increase in the complexity of mining. But overall, it is a very effective equipment for professional cryptocurrency mining.


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