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DFM, Tawasal Partner To Boost Accessibility And Investor Engagement

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) announced its strategic partnership with Tawasal, a multi-purpose SuperApp based in the UAE.

The collaboration aims to provide users with comprehensive real-time data from Dubai's capital market, significantly improving user access to information and enabling informed financial decision-making.

The collaboration between DFM and Tawasal aims to enhance data accessibility, seamlessly integrating real time market data, such as stock prices, trading volumes, and indices, into the Tawasal SuperApp. This strategic integration will greatly enhance users' access to essential market information, ultimately empowering them to make more well-informed decisions.

Hamed Ali, CEO of DFM and Nasdaq Dubai, said, “At DFM, we're dedicated to strengthening the capital market ecosystem and retail investors are at the heart of it. Our collaboration with Tawasal is poised to enhance the trading and investment experience by providing investors improved access to real-time financial information and facilitating greater market participation. We look forward to the positive impact of this partnership on our users and the broader community.”

Chairman of Tawasal SuperApp Khamis AlShamsi stated, “We are excited to announce our partnership with DFM, marking a transformative step in making the financial markets more accessible. Our mission is to break down barriers and usher in an era of inclusivity, where financial instruments are within everyone's reach. Our app offers an easy, user-friendly journey through the financial realm, empowering individuals to navigate the markets with confidence and ease and expanding our financial services for a global approach. This collaboration is a pledge to nurture a financially savvy community, equipped and inspired to make informed decisions.”

The Tawasal SuperApp provides users with a cost-effective method to track their investments, respond to market fluctuations, and refine their investment strategies. This partnership represents a significant step in empowering market participants and elevating the broader financial marketplace.

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