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Dubai Foundation For Women And Children Outlines 2024 Strategic Vision

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) has unveiled its comprehensive plans, strategies, and a range of programmes, proposals, and initiatives set for rollout in 2024 to improve the quality of lives of both women and children.

During the "Leadership Meeting," an annual event chaired by Sheikha Saeed Al Mansouri, Acting Director-General of DFWAC, the foundation discussed the significant milestones and achievements made over the past year (2023).

Attended by heads of departments and sections, the meeting touched on aligning the foundation's strategies and plans with the Dubai Agenda, which aims to build the happiest, most cohesive, and most tolerant families, uphold national values and identity, promote healthy lifestyles, and enhance the quality of psychological and preventive services provided to the community.

Expressing her pride in the foundation's 2023 accomplishments, Sheikha Al Mansouri highlighted that the foundation's team has made tremendous efforts to fulfil its objectives and respond to societal needs.

She emphasised that enhancing partnerships and collaboration with strategic partners and the community is crucial to bolster the foundation's humanitarian endeavours and realising the goals of Dubai's Social Agenda 33.

Al Mansouri highlighted that the meeting provided a vital platform for coordinating efforts across DFWAC's departments to improve communication, programme execution, and service efficiency. It is also crucial to boosting team spirit and fostering a sense of community among employees by involving them in decision-making and programme enhancement.

The meeting delved into analysing the outcomes and gauging these programmes' social and economic effects on society. A thorough review of DFWAC's accomplishments over the past year showcased its steadfast commitment to advancing its core goals of nurturing, supporting, and rehabilitating women and children.

Additionally, the meeting was held as part of the foundation's ongoing efforts to enhance and advocate for the well-being of women and children, solidifying its pivotal role in fostering a more prosperous and sustainable society in Dubai.

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