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Al Hanoo Upgrades Al Nujoom Islands Master Plan With Dh600 Million For Water Canal Technology

Sharjah, UAE, September 17, 2008: Al Hanoo Holding, real estate developer in the Middle East, has updated the master plan for Al Nujoom Islands, the biggest waterfront project in the emirate of Sharjah, at a cost of Dh600 million.

Development of the master plan required the assistance of top international experts to design the master plan of the water canals that separate the Al Nujoom Islands in a way that allows water to circulate freely, while at the same time improving the level of protection against dangers resulting from various natural phenomena, particularly erosion and interment.

Shaikh Abdullah bin Fahid Al Shakrah, Chairman of Al Hanoo Holding, said, "The decision to make these adjustments to the master plans for the canals was rooted in our desire to surpass international standards concerning water circulation. Currently, these standards mean that, in a project similar in size and complexity to Al Nujoom Islands, the water circulates completely every 12-15 days. Our new master plan, prepared by Delft International, will allow water to circulate in a much shorter period of 9 days."

The Al Nujoom Islands project comprises a total of 10 islands, which are being developed in stages. It is expected to be completed in 2010. 35 km of seawater surround the island, while the islands’ water canals extend to 25-100 meters in width, and reach 400 meters in some areas.

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