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Careers In The Line Of Security

Getting a career in private security companies such as a security company in Dubai does not require much and one can apply for a job straight out of highschool. They will be trained by the company and the entry-level pay is $12 which may seem low, but coupled with the medical and dental benefits on top of paid vacations and possibly a retirement plan, it’s not such a bad deal especially if you cannot afford to go to college. Some companies might even pay for your college education but that is entirely dependent on the company’s initiative.

While you might not need academic certification to pursue a career in the security line, it helps to have certain skill sets. Knowing how to handle a gun is a definite plus, or knowing a certain martial arts or fighting style, and being physically fit. But what is the most important soft skill to have is the power of observation.

Commercial security guards

More commonly known as “Rent-a-Cop”, mall security or those that guard commercial centers often keep the peace and make sure that no fights break out and that everyone in the establishment remains safe and that everything is following protocol. However, the job detail might also include scoping for shoplifters. This might include staring at a wall of CCTV and monitoring an area for suspicious activity.

Potentially, depending on your personality type, you might find yourself assigned to the nighttime shift which relies on you to make sure there are no break-ins or vandalism to the property. Or you could be posted in the lobby of a hotel, mall or office to screen guests, customers and their clearance for the area.

Personal bodyguard

Probably one of the highest paid careers in the line of security, you could be looking at close to $70,000 per annum and get to rub shoulders with high profile individuals. From politicians to socialites to celebrities, you will be able to enter a fast paced world that the average individual is unable to experience. However, it does take a fair bit of experience to enter the field. Those looking to hire personal bodyguards are often very secretive and demand a high level of discretion and professionalism that quite frankly, newcomers will not possess. You will most likely need a referral.

Police officer

With a simple background check and a high school certification, you can enroll in a police academy right off the bat. Since it is a gruelling job which is not fit for everyone, it will be beneficial for those interested to try out as a security guard first before jumping in head first. You will also be much more acquainted with the terms and procedures rather than going in blind.

The job does not come without its share of risks. Accidents, robberies and acts of violence happen everywhere on a daily basis and while security personnel are in place to protect regular citizens, there is a high chance of them getting hurt while on the job. Therefore, it is important to think about whether you are ready for a life of putting others before you.

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