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In Dubai, Pet Care Service Keep Dogs Safe And Happy For Globetrotting Owners

Are you often called out of the county for business? Is it your lifelong passion to wander around the world? What happens to your pet if you are on your globetrotting mission?

It’s a good thing that there are now pet-loving companies that offer pet boarding, pet sitting, and other pet care services so you can enjoy your escapade without worrying about leaving your pet home alone.

My Pet, Your Pet

For pet owners, pets are not just beloved animals but a part of their family. They want these furry felines, cute canines, or feathered friends to be part of every wonderful experience they have.

While it is every pet owner’s wish to travel here and there with their fur babies, there are times when circumstances do not allow this to happen. It could be because you are traveling on business and you won’t have time to attend to your pet, your booked accommodations do not have pet-friendly facilities, or your pet is simply terrified at the sight of a travel carrier.

To address this, you can avail yourself of the services of a reputable pet boarding platform that connects you with capable and trustworthy “pet borrowers.” These borrowers are people who are also pet lovers themselves and are willing to take on the responsibility of caring for your paw pals while you’re enjoying the Caribbean lifestyle or traipsing around the cobblestoned streets of Paris.

If you’re wondering what specific services you can book for your furry friend, here are some pet care services that will ease your mind so you enjoy your trip:

1. Pet Boarding

If you need to fly off to some fancy destination but cannot tote your furry tot with you, then you can surely go to an online pet care company and look for a borrower near you who offers pet boarding services. Pet boarding allows you to leave your pet with a reliable borrower while you’re away. Your pet will temporarily reside in the borrower’s home and await your safe return.

To ensure your peace of mind and your pet’s safety, a pet care portal typically employs the services of a highly regarded security agency to verify and authenticate each borrower’s identification. In addition, responsible pet care companies also make a personal visit to the borrower’s home to inspect the premises and see if it is suitable for pet boarding.

You will also be furnished with regular updates and photos, so you can check how your pet is doing.

2. Pet Sitting

In case your pet is finicky about staying in someone else’s home, then you can also opt for pet sitting services. Using a reliable pet care platform, you can search for dependable and trustworthy borrowers within your area that can take care of your pet within the comforts of your own home.

With a strong vetting system in place, both the professional security team and the pet care company that connected you to each other would have checked these borrowers. In addition to the initial interview between the pet care company and the borrower, it is also highly encouraged for you to directly contact the borrower that you are eyeing so you can find out for yourself they are the right fit.

Moreover, it is best that you and your pet meet with the prospective borrower to check if there is good chemistry between the caregiver and your pet. This is also a good opportunity for you to leave detailed instructions about your pet such as veterinarian notes, medications, or any behavioral quirks that your fur baby has. Additionally, you may also want to leave specific guidelines for the use of your home.

3. Drop-ins

Should you be leaving your pet for a shorter duration, you can also choose to book pet drop-in services. This can also be booked in case you already have someone to care for your pet but will not be home all the time. In whichever case, a borrower can drop in at the agreed-upon time to deliver caregiving services to your pet.

Drop-in services may be availed of as often as you need to in a day and can be tailored to you and your pet’s needs. This short-term service – usually for thirty minutes – offers services that range from letting the pets out for a breath of fresh air, to relieve themselves, or for their food, water, or medication needs while you’re away.

4. Walking Services

 Should you be unable to, you can also book a borrower who can take your pet out for a thirty-minute walk.

The internal messaging system of your preferred online pet care portal will enable you to connect with your prospective borrower. If everything goes well, only then will the booking and payment process commence. This also lets you know if the borrower will be walking your pet along with other pets, or if you prefer to have a one-on-one walking session for your furry buddy.

5. Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

Some proactive pet care service companies can also connect you to borrowers who can pick up and drop off your pet. Depending on what you agree on, this service can provide you the ease and convenience you need especially if you are pressed for time.

Surrounded by Care

When you have to leave but cannot bring your loving pet with you, there is a pet care service that you can rely on. With professionally vetted borrowers who are also pet lovers, you can choose from pet boarding, pet sitting, drop-in, or walking services to make sure that your pet is showered with the attention that they deserve.

With expert and appropriate care given to your furry friends, you can have peace of mind and have a better time enjoying your trip knowing your pet is safe and sound at home.


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