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5 Benefits Of Partnering With A Third-Party Food Delivery Service Provider

With more and more people choosing to dine in their homes or offices for one reason or another, not offering a delivery service puts your restaurant at a great disadvantage.

The absence of a delivery service means you are missing out on a lot of sales from your loyal patrons that would love to feast on your menu offerings in the convenience of their home or office. Moreover, you are also letting the opportunity to gain new customers pass, as well.

However, setting up an in-house delivery system is often a challenging and expensive endeavor. There is nothing cheap about purchasing one or more vehicles and hiring additional employees. You also have to invest in new technology and train your team members, too.

Working with a third-party food delivery service company is a smart, cost-efficient way to add this feature to your menu. With the right partner, you will avoid a lot of difficulties and issues as you enable your customers to enjoy your gastronomic offerings wherever they are.

Reasons to Work With a Company That Offers Food Delivery Services

With the right third-party food delivery service provider and food delivery tracking system, you will experience these advantages as you take your menu offerings out on the road and into your customers’ preferred location:

1.Minimal investment

Although working with a third party is not free, you will still avoid the high costs that come with setting up an in-house food delivery service.

In exchange for a monthly fee or commission fees on orders your partner delivers, you will benefit from a ready system, which includes a network of riders and couriers, good-quality packaging materials, and delivery tracking, among others.

You will avoid spending money on a vehicle, gas, insurance, and salaries, as well.

Additionally, if you already have a POS system, investing in a food delivery tracking feature or syncing it with that of your service provider usually does not require a large amount of money.

2.Access to industry expertise and know-how

Offering a food delivery service for the first time won’t be a walk in the park. Whether you have a small restaurant or one with several branches, you need all the help you can get to find success in this venture.

Third-party food delivery companies have the experience, expertise, and resources, which they will willingly share with you, to ensure you get this service right.

Because of this reason, you will spend less time studying the ins and outs of food delivery and focus on the more vital parts of running a restaurant, such as finding a reliable supplier and replenishing your inventory.

With a seasoned partner, you will have an easier time learning the ropes of food delivery and avoid possible complications, too.

3.Fewer hassles

A third-party food delivery service provider offers convenience not only to diners but also to the restaurant itself.

When you partner with a food delivery company, you skip the process of training your riders and team to prepare for this service. As a result, you will save some time and money.

Additionally, with a service provider processing all orders and forwarding them to you, you and your kitchen crew can focus on the most important aspect of food delivery: serving your customers high-quality dishes even if they are not dining in your restaurant.

And since your staff won’t have to take calls or respond to messages for delivery orders, everyone can focus on preparing delicious food and creating an unforgettable customer experience for the diners in your establishment. This is another vital element of running a restaurant you should never neglect.

4.Increased accessibility for your loyal patrons

Your regular customers are the mainstay of your business. Offering them a reliable delivery service will ensure that they stay loyal to your restaurant for a long time.

When your regular diners are too busy at work or home but are hankering for the dishes that you serve, your third-party food delivery service partner will make it possible for you to satisfy their craving.

Moreover, your delivery service will help you deepen your relationship with your regular patrons. You can do this by giving them a convenient alternative to eating out on days and nights when staying in are more desirable.

As long as your customers find it easy to use your service provider’s website or app, they will continue to be your loyal patrons, even if you don’t see them in your restaurant.

5.Wider customer base

With a delivery service, you get the chance to reach out to new customers.

Once your restaurant menu is added to your partner’s site and app, more customers will have access to your offerings. These include people that have always wanted to visit your restaurant but live too far away.

Your delivery service will allow new customers to try out your meals without having to travel far.

Moreover, once these new customers have tasted and enjoyed your food, they will likely order again. They may even be motivated to go to your restaurant, although it is out of their usual way.

If you want to give food delivery a try, with the benefits listed above, working with a third-party service provider is your best option. 


Ahmad Alzaini is the co-founder and CEO of Foodics, a fast-growing foodtech startup. A businessman by nature, Alzaini is an app aficionado, developing businesses in Saudi Arabia within several industries. Today, Foodics has extended to new markets across the MENA region, processing over 1 billion transactions, and offering the latest technology in POS and restaurant management.

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