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How to Choose the Best Bridal Gown Cut for Your Body Shape

First of all, we wish you the best for your upcoming nuptials. After saying “yes” when your beau popped the question, you probably now have a hundred and one questions yourself.
One of the most important matters that must have immediately sprung to mind would be what would your wedding dress be? While you are free to wear whatever you feel like on your big day, you might get overwhelmed with the multitude of choices out there.
So here’s our advanced wedding gift to you. We’ve put together a simple guide on how to choose the best wedding gown according to your body type. Read on and get ready to walk that aisle in absolute splendor.

Finding “The One” 

You may have finally found the man of your dreams but when it comes to what to wear on your wedding day, have you already found the right gown? 

Some women already have everything planned out since girlhood – from the cut and color of their dress to the length of their train. Other women may not have even spared a single minute to think of what they will wear on their nuptials.
Regardless of which group you fall into, now is the perfect time to think of what you really want. How do you envision yourself as you walk toward your groom? Do you imagine yourself looking like a fairy-tale princess floating gracefully toward your Prince Charming? Or do you fancy yourself as a sleek and sultry goddess ready to claim your place beside your fated spouse?
Aside from the vision that you want to achieve, you must also consider your body type. 

One of the best pieces of advice that seasoned wedding dress designers give to brides is to determine their body shape first. Doing so will help you in choosing the right silhouette that will best flatter your figure. Matching your body type to the cut of your wedding dress will also hide whatever flaws you think you may have.
Here are some of the basic wedding gown and body shapes that go well together:
1. A-Line Cut
The A-line dress is a classic cut with a narrow top that is cinched at the waist and flares out much like the shape of the letter A (hence the name). While anyone can choose to wear it because of its versatility, it is a popular choice for petite brides. This cut, when paired especially with a V-shaped neckline, can give the illusion of height.
If you want to give definition to your bust and waist, this is the cut that is right for you. This kind of silhouette is also ideal for those who want to veil a heavier lower body, or create the illusion of a curvy one for those with narrow frames.
2. Ball Gown
If you are statuesque, the usually voluminous skirt of a ball gown will best accentuate your height. The full skirt of this cut can easily overwhelm those with shorter stature but will hang perfectly on taller women.
If you have a boyish or lanky frame, the fitted bodice and full skirt will draw the attention to the upper body and waist. Those with pear-shaped figures can also benefit from the dramatic bulk of the skirt. Busty brides will also get that beautiful balance between their upper body and the heavy flare of the ball skirt.
3. Empire Cut
This type of cut features a raised waistline directly under the bust and a flared skirt that skims the body. Traditionally designed with a square neckline, the empire cut has evolved with different variations for the top part. It can be a halter top, bustier, off-the-shoulder or with capped sleeves. The top can be made to conceal a heavier bust or made to accentuate a smaller one.
This cut will suit most body shapes but will best fit petite or pear-shaped figures. Since the lower part can be a generously flared skirt, it can cover various concerns like a round belly or a longer torso. Its fluid skirt can also create the illusion of length especially when paired with high heels.
4. Mermaid Style
If you have an hourglass figure, then, by all means, choose the mermaid cut for your wedding gown. You should be armed with the confidence to pull off this sexy, body-hugging dress as it clings to your figure from the top down to the knee (or lower) and flares into a full skirt.
The mermaid silhouette can be worn by short or tall women. While its curvy lines can be intimidating for some, there are still voluptuous women who have the confidence to carry this look and stride to the altar flaunting off each and every beautiful curve.  
5. Straight Silhouette 
The straight cut, sometimes known as the sheath or column dress, closely follows the contours of the body. While not as form-fitting as the mermaid cut, it still conforms to your body’s natural line. The cut also does not flare out but remains straight and fluid from top to bottom.
Women of all heights can carry this cut but it is more fitting for leaner frames. The straight cut may not be as forgiving if you want to hide bulges. For boxier figures, a belt or sash may be added to give the illusion of a shapely waistline.
Beautiful in Any Shape 
While the above-mentioned bridal gown cuts fit certain body types, it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear what you want. These are merely guides that can help you choose which one would be more flattering for you, especially if you have specific concerns that you want to address.
The most important thing when choosing a wedding dress is how you feel while wearing it. When you feel confident and beautiful in your preferred outfit, it will look absolutely gorgeous on you. It is your inner radiance that will ultimately shine through no matter what shape, size, or cut your wedding gown is.

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