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How To Improve The PTE Writing Score

When it comes to the writing task in a PTE exam, even the native English speakers may find it difficult to write a creative essay without knowing the technique. Essay writing is a bit tricky unless you have a clear idea of the format of the PTE exam. This is important for a candidate to understand that the essay writing task has to be done according to the given format otherwise you may get a penalty for that. In addition to following the specific format, you just have to collect the ideas with proper grammar, vocabulary and the impressive sentence structure.

You can follow the PTE exam preparation tips to get a better score with your writing task. Also, follow the tips to write the best essay fulfilling the formalities of it.

Prepare Your Points Before Writing

Planning is everything when you are about to start any task. Some candidates may think while doing the PTE preparation that they might not waste time in making the points before writing an essay. They think that when they will start writing, the ball will keep rolling and they can complete the essay in the way.

Time is no doubt important because you have to do a lengthy task of writing an essay. But what if you began writing and missed the content or words or the ideas in the middle of nowhere. That’s awful I guess. Also, it will take more time of yours to review what you wanted to write. You cannot just start writing in a second you have received the theme of your essay. The proper approach is to take a minute or two, analyze and make precise points of what you are conforming to write and then start it. At the conclusion of the essay, you will surely feel a relief.

Don’t Make the Essay Complex

Short sentences will help you make less or no mistakes. If you write the long sentences in your essay, you may make mistakes in grammar or more likely the punctuation mistakes. You have to keep it simple, it will definitely allow you to write mistakes free essay. The thing your examiner need is that your sentences should be clear and hold a logic, otherwise you will have your marks deducted.

Now if you go with this more dependable option of writing concise sentences, you will have no grammar errors as well as the punctuation mistakes. The phenomenon will surely lead you to score 90 in your essay task. Keep going with your PTE exam preparation in parallel.

Format Is The King

If you think that you have to perform your writing task in a typical essay style with five sections in 20 minutes of time and the word count of 300 words minimum, then you are mistaken. This is the general approach of composing an essay, but you know that you are going to take the PTE exam and for that, you have to follow the format provided by the PTE and following this format is half of the earnings in high scores.

So, the PTE requires an essay format that holds the paragraphs defining the intro, two descriptive paragraphs and the last one with the conclusion and get the PTE Preparation for your exam. Now the two paragraphs in the middle of the essay hold any of the structure below:

  • Choose a side and stick with it

In this structure, you will add the paragraphs describing:

--Paragraph 2: Arguments for

--Paragraph 3: Arguments against

  • Weigh the arguments

In this structure, the paragraphs may be written as:

--Paragraph 2: Argument 1

--Paragraph 3. Argument 2

Don’t be too descriptive in any of the paragraphs, you just have to write 2, 3 lines to focus on the type of the section. You may also get some tips by taking a PTE course Dubai Make sure that the introduction and the conclusion are really impressive.

Vocabulary is Important

When it comes to the writing task, you have to be impressive in your vocabulary. If you repeat a word many times in the essay, you may lose the points as it becomes annoying for the examiner as well. Now, to improve your vocabulary, you can buy a dictionary and learn or word or two every single day of the week and then make sure to use the newly learned word in your practice.

Also, note down these new words in some proper notebook or diary for your own memory. Take a PTE course Dubai as well this will help you in increasing your vocabulary and you will definitely be able to write the essay with the new words used in it.

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