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50 Parking Spots Allocated To Sharjah Taxis At Al Jubail Area

Sharjah Taxi recently announced the allocation of 50 parking spotsfor its vehicles in the Al Jubail area next to the Jubail Bus Station, in cooperation and coordination with the Sharjah Municipality. The move is intended to develop and improve the taxi services provided to tourists and residents in the emirate, by providing them different facilities of public transportation for visitors to the Jubail Bus Station, the Jubail Market, and Al Montazah Park. 

Mohammed Abdullah Al Buraimi, Executive Director of Sharjah Taxi, said, "We extend our thanks and appreciation to the Sharjah Municipality for providing parking spots for our vehicles, and its efforts that reflect the level of continuous support for all bodies and agencies to serve the public of Sharjah.”

Al Buraimi added that Sharjah Taxi endeavours to provide a range of services and facilities to customers which provide the highest levels of comfort and safety. He continued, “We are ensuring that strict measures and procedures are in place and being followed in order to protect the health and safety of the general public and our employees alike.”

Al Buraimi also thanked the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority for their cooperation in providing these parking spaces, as well as the local emergency, crisis and disaster management team in Sharjah- in coordination with the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority- who announced in September the re-opening of the Jubail Bus Station and Lines Intercity transportation. He extended his gratitude to the authorities for providing all precautionary and preventive measures for the safety of passengers. Measures included reducing the capacity to 50%, allocating entrances for thermal temperature checks, sterilizing buses after each trip, and ensuring social distancing on transportation. 

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