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42 Abu Dhabi Hosts Session On Trademarks, Copyright, Software, And Computer Applications

Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital’s innovative and disruptive coding school that provides a unique peer-to-peer learning methodology, held an engaging sessiontitled "Discussions on Trademarks and Copyright, Software, and Computer Applications". The session was conducted by MunirSuboh, who is a Partner and Head of the Intellectual Property at Ahmed Bin Hezeem&Associates LLP.

The session was held as part of the ‘42 Abu Dhabi Talks’ initiative, through which the school aims to welcome thought leaders and experts in prominent sectors to share their extensive knowledge with students. This comes in line with the school’s commitmenttocreate a talent pool of coders who are equipped with future-proof knowledge and skills that are essential to be key contributorsin real-world projects and to play a pivotal role in accelerating the Emirate’s digital economy.

The speaker focused on unlocking the student’s knowledge on emerging topics to enable them to learn the rationale of copyrights and trademarks terminologies and protection. Studentswere introduced to key terms and elements of protections and regulations, in addition to insights shared by the speaker on real-life cases from his experiences that the students need to consider, and may face in their future work and projects.

Munir also provided 42 Abu Dhabi students with an in-depth understanding on IP legal rights in the field of computer programming, software, and mobile applications. This aligns with his main speciality in the field of IP and Media, including advising on areas such as: trademarks, copyrights, patents, innovations and trade secrets, new and traditional media advisory areas, regulatory and disputes. Munir also works on commercialization of IP and handles complex disputes in the field of IP and media rights.

Following the session, 42 Abu Dhabi’s students engaged in a Q&A session with the speaker, which highlights 42 Abu Dhabi unwavering efforts to bring 42 Abu Dhabi future coders together through engaging events that build on the 21st century skills that arekeyto decoding their potential in the digital field. 

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