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10 Creative Ramadan Gifts To Delight Your Loved Ones In UAE

As the holy month of Ramadan is nearing, it brings with it a sense of serenity and purpose. From heartfelt Ramadan gifts for loved ones to acts of charity for those in need, Ramadan provides a unique opportunity to spread love and kindness.

While there are multiple options available for gifting, you really need to explore all options to surprise your loved ones with something truly special. You have plenty of options from custom-made jewelry to home decor and sweet treats.

Let’s explore the top ten unique gifting ideas this year for Ramadan.

Best Gifting Ideas for Ramadan

Consumer preferences change every year, and Ramadan consumer trends this year showcase more preference for online and fast grocery delivery services while buying online from digital wallet-friendly brands.

The Holy Quran

The holy book of the Quran could be the most useful gift you could give to your relatives. During Ramadan, people read Quran to multiply their blessings and rewards from Allah. What else could be a better option for gifting during this spiritual month?

Gifts Box

You can also send gift boxes to your loved ones to let them enjoy their iftar party with sweet and delicious dessert combinations offered in the gift box. The best part of the halal gift boxes is that you can add multiple items to the box to offer a variety of options to your friends.

Tasbih Beads

Available in sets of 33, 66, and 99 beads, tasbih beads can be a great option for gifting during Ramadan when people use the beads that help in counting the glories of Allah. These beads can also be made of natural stones, giving them an extra touch of purity.

Sejadah (Prayer Mat)

Another thoughtful gifting idea it to give the Sejadah - the prayer mat. Kids or adults, all of them pray five times in a day, and Ramadan is the month to also celebrate the iftar together. When you gift a decent looking prayer mat to your friends, you add a lasting memory to their daily routine.

Dates Combo

It is an age-old tradition to break the fast during Ramadan with a bite of ripe dates. You can gift dates combo boxes that are available in a wide variety of combinations, such as chocolate-coated dates, dates with dry fruits inside, coconut dates, etc.

Islamic Wall Art

You can also consider gifting Islamic wall art pieces available in distinctive designs and different materials. Decorative items, especially, lantern is the most popular gifting item that is used to decorate the houses to celebrate the festive season.

Oud Perfumes

The Arabic Oud has a sense of spirituality that purifies the atmosphere around with the divine vibes. You can also consider gifting oud perfume sets or varieties of oud fragrances that had been widely used since ages in the Middle East in the religious ceremonies.

Scented Candles

Ramadan is celebrated as a festival when each house is decorated and as part of the decoration, you can send aromatic candles made of essential oils that can enhance the festival vibes.

Assorted Dessert Box

The assorted dessert platter can add sweetness to your relatives’ and friends’ iftar parties and suhoor meals with varieties of desserts such as baklava, loqmat al kadi, kunafa, qatayef, balah el sham, basbousa, etc.

Incense Holder

Along with the decorations, people also burn the incense to cleanse their aura. An artistic incense holder could be your perfect gifting option this Ramadan that your relatives can cherish even after the festive season.

Shop Smarter This Ramadan

You can buy gifts for your loved ones in the UAE this year while enjoying the extra comfort of Ramadan shopping online with one-tap payments via mobile payments apps like Payit, Payby, e&money…etc. while enjoying exclusive offers, deals, sales discounts, and cashback prizes when you shop with any of these apps.

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