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Sharjah Ruler Attends Harvesting Season Of Wheat Farm In Mleiha

H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah attended the ceremony of the second harvesting season of the wheat farm in Mleiha, and inaugurated the farm's administrative building.

Before the start of the ceremony, Sheikh Sultan toured the accompanying events area, observing samples of Sharjah's soil and the grains used, as well as the milling process of the crop using "Al Raha" and modern equipment. He also learned about the various methods of dough preparation and baking, as food products prepared from the production of the wheat farm were presented.

Afterwards, Sheikh Sultan rang the bell, signalling the start of the wheat harvesting process at the wheat farm. He observed the wheat harvesting process, which was carried out using the latest modern machinery and equipment. The process involves three machines: the first one separates the grains from the straw, the second one collects the straw, and the last one compresses the wheat straw into bales. His Highness received a sample of the first harvested wheat grains from the second season.

Then, the Ruler of Sharjah moved to the administrative building of the farm, unveiling the commemorative plaque, and marking the official opening. He toured the building, which spans an area of 1,670 square metres, and explored its facilities, including the administrative offices and the first-of-its-kind Biotechnology Laboratory in the UAE. He listened to a detailed explanation about the laboratory's work and its new devices and equipment that contribute to physiological measurements and genetic analysis of wheat.

The Ruler of Sharjah visited the experimental farm, which houses 550 non-genetically modified soft wheat varieties, learning about the research efforts conducted to study and monitor different types of wheat suitable for the local environment, as well as the wheat hybridisation programme aimed at improving the strains to achieve the "Sharjah 1" variety.

Dr. Sheikh Sultan attended the ceremony held in the administrative building, where he and the audience watched a documentary depicting the farm's evolution. The integration of the second and third phases into a single stage expanded the farm's axes to 37, covering a total cultivated area of 1,428 hectares.

At the event's conclusion, Sheikh Sultan honoured government entities, companies, and sponsors whose support significantly contributed to the success of Mleiha's wheat farm's second agricultural season. He presented them with commemorative shields and participated in group photos.

The second-phase harvest reflects the implementation of developmental plans and promising strategies by the Sharjah government. These plans materialise through the establishment of agricultural and animal projects, the creation and management of pastures, the development of production capacities, research, planning, and the application of modern technologies. This contributes to enhancing food security, adapting to climate change, and encouraging the private sector to invest in agricultural and animal projects, aligning with His Highness's vision to increase self-sufficiency in Sharjah and the UAE.

The wheat farm utilises the latest tools and technological means to achieve optimal irrigation management, aiming for a 30 percent savings through scientifically managing the irrigation process. This not only saves time and effort but also enhances monitoring of irrigation device and pump performance, detects faults, and installs underground soil sensors at a depth of 60 cm for daily readings to verify the irrigation process's efficiency at different depths. Additionally, satellite data provides daily reports on the farm, irrigation operations, plant health, and weather forecasts, including rain, wind speed and direction, humidity, actual rainfall, and expected water loss rates for the plants.

During the ceremony, H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan was accompanied by Sheikh Khaled Bin Essam Al Qasimi, Chairman of Department of Civil Aviation- Sharjah, Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi, Chairman of Sharjah Department of Statistics and Community Development, Dr. Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak Al Shamsi, Minister of Climate Change and the Environment, Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Sharjah Consultative Council, and several senior officials, heads, and directors of local government departments and authorities.

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