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Sharjah Ruler Launches 2nd Phase Of ’Rhetorical Encyclopedia’

H.H. Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, on Wednesday launched the second phase of the Holy Quran's Rhetorical Interpretation Encyclopedia and "The Qulun' Narration from Nafi" the first of its kind in the Encyclopedia of Recitation Methods.

The launch took place during His Highness's attendance at the annual ceremony for the graduation of the fourth batch of Quran readers certified by the Sharjah Holy Quran Academy, totalling 249 certified readers.

During the ceremony, the Ruler of Sharjah signed the first edition of the second phase of the "Encyclopedia of Rhetorical Interpretation," which comprises 16 volumes covering parts of the second quarter of the Holy Quran. This brings the total number of volumes of the Encyclopedia across both phases to 25.

Additionally, His Highness signed the first edition of the volumes of "The Encyclopedia of the Qulun' Narration from Nafi," marking the first encyclopedias of Quranic recitation methods, encompassing 10 volumes alongside the Noble Quran, along with its explanation of the Qulun' Narration from Nafi' Al-Madani in the margins.

The Encyclopedia of Rhetorical Interpretation is distinguished by its interpretive and rhetorical nature, offering a comprehensive interpretation of the Holy Quran. It provides precise linguistic explanations of words, drawing from primary linguistic references, Quranic lexicons, and commentaries, ensuring clarity and strength of expression while maintaining accessibility.

Moreover, it meticulously examines the contextual relevance of each surah (Chapter), exploring its connections and nuances within the text.

Furthermore, the Encyclopedia delves into the linguistic and conceptual embellishments that enrich the Quranic text, elucidating nuances and semantic distinctions among Quranic terms. It relies on primary sources of Quranic exegesis, linguistic analysis, and rhetorical studies.

After the ceremony, the graduates of the fourth batch received their Quranic authorisations with a continuous chain of transmission to the Prophet Muhammad; peace be upon him.

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