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Antipode Show By Ethiopian Duo At Sahara Centre Has Audience Awe-Struck

Have you heard of a balancing act using legs? Two young Ethiopian girls are showcasing just that in their breathtaking performance at Sahara Centre as part of the Sharjah Spring Promotion 2010.

The Ethiopian 19-year-old duo are performing a show called ‘Antipode’, also referred as foot juggling show, displaying the best of juggling tricks, much to the amazement of shoppers at the mall.

A truly different and entertaining show, Antipode is the perfect example of how balancing is truly an art. The show begins with both Yagarsov and Teerhas lying on their backs on a specially made resting chair, where they swirl vases around in circles at breakneck speed using their feet. These vases weigh anywhere between 10-12 kilograms each.

Simultaneously and seemingly effortlessly, they also juggle a heavy table using their feet at rapid speed. The tables weigh around 16-20 kilograms. While repeating their acts and returning to swirling vases, now using one foot, they swirl a big round handkerchief using their other feet. Amidst this, they also showcase stylish dance movements between the acts as well.

“We studied at a circus school in China. It’s been more than six years that we have been performing and it indeed is a pleasure to perform for the first time in the UAE and in Sahara Centre,” said the girls, adding that they have been touring all over China and Europe.

The Antipode shows run every day in two sessions - from 6:30pm to 7:15pm and from 7:50pm to 8:45pm until February 27th in Sahara Centre.

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