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Sharjah Islamic Bank Announces AED 191.6 Million By The Third Quarter Of 2010

Sharjah Islamic Bank announced its 3rd quarter 2010 results yesterday with net profit of AED 191.6 million.

The balance sheet grew since December 2009 with total Assets reaching AED 16.3 billion compared with AED 16.0 billion.

Total liquid assets increased by AED 410.2 million 12.9% to reach AED 3.6 billion, represents 22% of total assets compared to AED 3.2 billion 20% of total assets at December 2009 and customer deposits reached AED 10.0 billion, compared with AED 9.9 billion since Dec 2009.

Net customer receivables reached AED 9.9 billion compared to AED 10.0 million on Dec 2009.

Total shareholder equity amounting to AED 4.3 billion represents 26% of the total assets reflecting the bank’s strong capital base and strong financial position that will enable the bank to achieve its strategic objective.

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