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Porsche World Roadshow Arrives In Abu Dhabi For The First Time

With the recent launch of the new generation of the iconic 911 with Porsche’s latest technologies in Direct Fuel Injection engines and double-clutch gear box Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), and the upcoming launch of the sporty mid-engine range with the same technology, Porsche World Roadshow arrived in Abu Dhabi for the first time ever with its full line-up of 2009 models. Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi, a division of Ali and Sons, and Porsche Middle East and Africa organised a roadshow over 10 days in Abu Dhabi at the Golf and Equestrian Club. The show featured 20 cars and attracted around 300 customers who got the chance to experience the new Porsche technologies embedded in the 2009 models. With professional instructors from Germany, and local sales people available on site, Porsche enthusiasts had all their questions answered and were furthermore professionally trained on mastering driving techniques of off-roading, breaking, handling and slalom. Participants were divided into groups that allowed them to experience driving the ultimate range of high-performance sports cars and SUVs. In addition to giving drivers a unique experience of what the Porsche brand has to offer, The Porsche World Roadshow is all about safety and fun and is designed to highlight just how enjoyable driving a Porsche can be. “Every Porsche model offers outstanding performance, so it is important for drivers to learn how to harness such power safely,” said Wissam Khalil, Brand Manager at Porsche Centre Abu Dhabi. “The Porsche World Roadshow aims to do this in a fun environment with world-class instructors. We were pleased to host the Roadshow for the first time in Abu Dhabi, after concluding a successful year with record sales of more than 1000 units. The successful results and rising popularity of the event and the brand encourage us to repeat this event to give even more people a unique flavour of what the Porsche brand has to offer.” Porsche World Roadshow has been a regular feature around the world for some time. Wherever it is held, participants flock to experience the advanced technical features, power and world-class performance of Porsche’s wide range of sports cars and SUVs.

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