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Abu Dhabi Court Of First Instance Posts 98% Settlement Of Cases

Abu Dhabi’s Courts of First Instance recorded remarkable performance in 2008, registering 130,868 cases, up by 110 per cent, settling 128,606 cases, which amounts to 98 per cent of the total. Advisor Abdul Rahman Ghanem, President of the Court of First Instance in Abu Dhabi, said: " Abu Dhabi First Instance Court is the biggest court in Abu Dhabi Judicial Department. Because it has several departments and specializations, It registered the highest increase with 97,880 cases, against 43,709 in 2007, up by 124 per cent, with 96,276 cases settled, representing 98 per cent of the total". Al Ghanem added: "The settlement percentage almost reached 100 percent in the First Instance Courts. Our services were of high quality and the schedule was convenient. Services prior to case trial services were further enhanced". ’’ Building a world class judicial system requires a firm look at the progress being made in the judiciary in order to provide quality services. ADJD has worked on catering to the needs of its customers through best of breed practices in modernization, IT and extended services". The Al Ain First Instance Court recorded an increase in cases registered, with a total 30428 compared to 15,791 in 2007, up by 92 per cent. A total of 29,822 cases were settled, with a percentage of 98 per cent. The Western Region First Instance Courts registered 2,560 cases, of which 98 per cent were settled. Al Ghanem said: "Abu Dhabi Judicial Department also strived to provide high quality notary public services which affected positively the performance of the courts in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The courts are spread all over the emirate taking into consideration the change in the demographics of people and the expected change in the coming years".

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