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UAE Translators Pleased With KALIMA Project

Translators from the United Arab Emirates said Abu Dhabi’s KALIMA project has boosted the translation movement in the country, prompting more Arabic readers to be familiar with important works from other cultures and languages. But the Emirates translators are particularly pleased with KALIMA for giving them the chance to stand out among other translators from across the Arab World. KALIMA, a giant translation initiative recently launched by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, has commissioned a number of UAE translators to work on its projects. Shihab Ghanem, a UAE poet who translated the works of an Indian poet into Arabic, went as far as comparing KALIMA to the golden era of the Abbasid dynasty, especially during the reign of Al Mamoun, when the translation movement was at its peak. Ghanem noted that although KALIMA is still at the beginning of the road, translation remains a crucial first step required for those who wish to bring about another age of Arab Enlightenment. Dr. Muna Al Bahr, who translated a book on the human body and social theory, praised KALIMA for unifying the efforts of many translators under one umbrella. She hailed the project’s role in supporting cultural exchange and promoting a better understanding of the other, predicting that the initiative will expand to do a significant number of translations into Arabic from many languages other than English. Both Al Bahr and Ghanem expressed their satisfaction with the support given by KALIMA to UAE translators. Such support is equally appreciated by other UAE translators, like Dhabya Khamis, who translated a book on education and the value of life; and Dr. Hassa Louta, whose translated a book dealt with music.

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