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Better Homes Abu Dhabi Hosts Open Day To Reveal Real Estate Opportunities In The Capital

To take advantage of today’s reduced and competitive prices in the Abu Dhabi real estate market, Better Homes’ Abu Dhabi office will host an Open Day event, bringing together clients to negotiate the best deals on offer in response to recent market changes. Better Homes, the UAE’s largest real estate agency, is pushing forward with opportunities in the capital. Buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants and developers are all invited to the networking opportunity offered at the Open Day. “Clients are invited to stay one step ahead of the Abu Dhabi real estate market, and can take advantage of the impressive value in which property units are being offered”, said Ryan Mahoney, Managing Director, Better Homes LLC. “The Abu Dhabi Open Day presents an opportunity to snap up value-for-money deals in the capital, as well as offering sellers to list their units with Better Homes.” Better Homes currently has an impressive depth and breadth of property units on offer within Abu Dhabi, with all the unit prices potentially negotiable. “From the recent launch of our Make an Offer online campaign, buyers can offer and submit a price they are willing to pay for a desired unit, opening negotiation with the seller of a respective unit,” added Mahoney. “This is available for all Abu Dhabi property listings for sale on, extending the opportunity for clients to achieve the best deals in today’s market.” Better Homes invites anyone interested to visit its Open Day on Saturday, March 14th from 3pm-6pm. The event is located at Villa #146 on Delma Street, Zone 76, Abu Dhabi.

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