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Emirates Simulation Academy Welcomes Students For Crisis Training

The Emirates Simulation Academy (ESA) has signed its first contract with Taweelah A1, a combined cycle gas turbine plant. This contract will enable Taweelah employees to take part in a foundation course at the ESA which looks at fundamentals of operation of the power and desalination systems. Six UAE nationals from Taweelah are among the first students to take the course. The ESA, a joint venture between Al Qudra Holding, CERT and GSE Systems, was inaugurated mid January 2009. It is the first simulation academy to be established in the region, with the aim to equip operations staff with the proper skills to address the operational needs of the region’s main industries, including petroleum refining, offshore oil and gas, as well as power generation. Students are placed in situations that are similar to those they would face in a power plant or facility. ESA simulation training is extremely effective as it enables plant staff to see the consequences of what they do in the field without any impact on their actual operations. “We have the most advanced simulators and we can create virtually any scenario which would help guarantee a risk free and efficient operation. We believe that our training courses ensure the safety of employees and stability of companies within the region”, said Khalid Al Marri, the ESA’s Alternative Chairman. The ESA offers a wide range of technical training courses for employees of various industries, specifically comprising combined cycle gas turbines, gas turbines, desalination plants, oil refineries, and oil and gas platforms. The ESA’s training courses are innovative and effective as they allow trainees to bridge fundamentals with real world applications using simulator based exercises. All the courses at the ESA are designed and developed using the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) process, which is used in various technical and high risk industries to train key personnel. The courses are praised for their safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, as they can easily be adjusted to meet an organization’s specific training goals or needs. Jerome Malek Jeanbert, General Manager of Total Tractable, one of the owners of the Taweelah A1 project, said: “This course will provide our employees with the ability to perform their daily work with increased confidence, skills, and improved awareness of plant safety – they will contribute more effectively to the organization.” Once they complete the foundation course, the students can take further studies by enrolling in intermediate and advanced level courses, which will help them continue to improve their knowledge skills as they progress further in their careers. Al Marri concluded by saying that “The ESA launch was a tremendous success for us, and I anticipate the same for our relationship with Taweeleh. This is just the beginning for the ESA”.

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