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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank launches Covered Card promotion

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank announced today the launch of their Covered Card promotion that will run from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006. The promotion is aimed at increasing the covered card holder base with Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank by focusing on the benefits of the card. Card holders who spend more than a minimum allocated amount will be entitled to enter a quarterly prize draw for AED10,000 which will be credited to his or her account or they may win a AED10,000 gift voucher for a Royal Weekend stay at the Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi or Burj Al Arab, Dubai. The entrant will also be eligible to participate in the grand prize draw of AED250,000 in cash plus a return of 1% from his purchases to his card account. “We aim to achieve loyalty with our customers by rewarding them frequently through innovative promotions and incentives,” said a bank official. “Winners of this promotion will be provided with two gift options in the form of cash credited to their respective cards and gift vouchers for weekend packages at selected hotels.” The covered card from Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank is a card that has all the specifications and benefits like any other world wide credit card. However, its unique features are that it’s based upon Sharia’a principles which allow the card holder access to use it at any time and provides the users with high flexibility in settling its payments. ADIB has witnessed many accomplishments in the last year by enhancing its solutions and providing new services such as the “Qawarib” and re-launching several products, such as the “Sahel”, “Noor”, and the Islamic Visa covered card, all of which provide individuals with innovative Sharia compliant financial solutions.

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