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Magical Night Zoo Launched At Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort

See the animals in a whole new light and beat the heat. The Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort (AWPR) is preparing for the Night Zoo, which launches on June 12th. Open from Saturday to Thursday 4pm-10pm and Fridays 10am-10pm, the Night Zoo creates a magical nighttime experience. Exhibits are lit with spotlights to reveal the beasts lurking in the shadows.

Preparing for the night zoo is no easy task. Animals have been slowly acclimatized behind the scenes to ensure that they are wide awake for their nocturnal visitors. Animal feeding schedules and staff working hours have been re-arranged and exhibit lighting installed and tested.

To celebrate the launch of the Night Zoo and to encourage the local community and supporters of the zoo to join in, Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort will be organizing a range of family activities and entertainment throughout the summer months. From the traditional bird of prey show to exciting activities for children, visitors can chill out with the penguins, slither with the snakes, and hang with the monkeys – all during the cooler summer evenings in Al Ain.

His Excellency, Majid Al-Mansouri, Managing Director of Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort commented on the opening of the Night Zoo: “During summer our animals are active during the nighttime hours and we want people to enjoy their activity. For me it’s an exciting and unique experience to see animals appear out of the shadows on a warm summer evening. As one of the top tourist attractions in the UAE, it is very important for us to ensure that every person who passes through our gates gets the most out of their time at the zoo. The Night Zoo is special.”

“Last year, the night zoo attracted over 130,000 visitors throughout June, July and August, and this year, with the exciting addition of activities for families with children and new animals on exhibit, we are confident that once again it will be one of the most enjoyable ways for families to spend a summer’s evening.”

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