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Mohamed Bin Zayed Launches ’National Experts Programme’ To Establish Base Of Expertise And National Advisory Cadre

A major shift in the UAE’s human capital development is underway with the launch of the ‘National Experts Programme.’ Launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, at a special ceremony at the Founder’s Memorial in the UAE capital, the programme will see 20 Emiratis being mentored at the highest level to become experts-in-the-making across a range of sectorial specialisations carefully aligned to the country’s national priorities and its drive towards a knowledge-based economy.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed expressed his hope that the programme will contribute to establishing a rich base of national expertise, helping participants develop their skills and hone their professional and personal tools to meet the requirements of current and future growth in the country.

He highlighted that the UAE leadership is committed to investing in and using the potential of its citizens to achieve national goals and the vision for the future, stressing the importance of benefiting from national experiences who are an important national asset and a permanent resource that enriches and supports the national system of action in various sectors.

"Standing at the Founder’s Memorial looking at your faces gives me hope I am reminded of when the late Sheikh Zayed decided to build the breakwater in Abu Dhabi. His solution was to rely on our nationals who later became captains of industry We are blessed with the advancement we are witnessing and we are blessed to have young people like you, our sons and daughters, will secure a sustainable future for our nation".

He also reflected on the late Sheikh Zayed’s priorities which were centered on human capital, which he identified as a national treasure. The late Sheikh Zayed always took pride in national achievement and "Today we rejoice because we are nurturing Emirati experts... We will celebrate when we reach a stage where we have specialist cadres to lead and guide playing a key advisory role in the national development program, bringing to the table sector-specific expertise and a deep understanding of the UAE’s aims and needs."

Sheikh Mohamed also shared: "I learned during my studies in Egypt the difference between scientist and intellectual. The latter has general knowledge about most things whereas the former knows everything about one thing. This caliber and quality of specialisation is rare and we are proud to have specialists today serving our country and our people."

He added:"The UAE is a role model in the region and as such you set an example and will eventually build on this heritage. The value of credibility is in the credit and legacy of our nation built over years and that will be passed on to the next generations. The UAE is a beacon and thanks to your continued efforts we can remain a symbol of hope, one that brings people together. We live in rapidly changing times and we must always innovative and creative. We have the skills that made our nation what it is today and we want to continue moving them forward professionally. We live in a nation where impossible is nothing; where our sons and daughters look to the future with optimism and first rate ambition."

Accountability is the language of business, achievement and innovation, he highlighted. Overachieving happens when specialists continue their education and learn from the inspirational accomplished men and women of state by shadowing them and building on lessons shared to drive improvements.

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed closed with: "Your country has made tremendous strides forward and the mantle of responsibility falls to you, the educated and intellectual generation. It is on you to benefit from the experience of those who built and elevated our nation and to harness the knowledge and science you have learned from the world’s best institutions to drive us to a better outcome."

The programme will graduate 20 national specialists across 20 vital sectors in line with national priorities to achieve a knowledge-based economy.

Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and The Future - also programme mentor - commented: "This programme which has gathered a lot of support takes into consideration all facets of the participants’ professional and personal growth to enable all of them to be role models, specialists forming a talent pool and a data-driven think tank of future expertise we can rely on. These specialists will then eventually play a key advisory role in the national development programme, bringing to the table sector-specific expertise and a deep understanding of the UAE’s aims and needs. This first batch of graduates will form the cornerstone of an expert network that will grow in coming years. As the programme continues to develop, our goal is to graduate 5 classes by 2022 to reach 100 future experts invested in impacting their sectors."

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